eClaims: Dibect billing from your insurance company

If your insurance company is in the list below:

Oriental Acupuncture Clinic can do the direct billing from your insurance company, so you don't have to pay the treatment fee out of your pocket in front. We can do the eClaims on your behalf, after you are qualified for the insurance company eClaims solution. For example:

What patients need to do to be eligible for Manulife’s eClaims solution?

Manulife’s solution is also completely electronic for patients.

For our clinic to be able to submit claims on you behalf, you must do the following on Manulife’s Plan Member Secure Site

1) Register and be activated;

2) sign up for direct deposit and electronic claims statements.

By signing up for direct deposit and electronic claims statements, you will also enjoy the convenience of faster claims payment and get alerts when the claims are ready.

12 major insurance companies eClaims secure websites

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