【Case Report】Stomach-ache Acid Reflux Heartburn relieved by 3-time acupuncture treatments

A 79 years old lady got osteoporosis, stomach pain, heartburn and acid reflux for 3 years. After only 3 times acupuncture treatments, all these stomach symptoms were under control.

3 years ago, she was fine and didn't feel like she had any health problems until the physical examination showed that she got osteoporosis, so the doctor told her that she need to take Fosamax for 2 years. A few months later, the old lady suffered from stomach ache, acid reflux and heartburn , so the doctor gave her the prescription for  Prevacid for three months. During this 3 months, she accidentally fell and got wrist fracture, the doctor gave her the prescription for Fosamax again, and suspend the Prevacid for stomach. Over time, the stomach pain, reflux heartburn came back again. 
So the cycle continues, she got a lot of empty bottles of these two drugs. 

until one day her granddaughter's friend who was studying the medication in University, after checking those precriptions and the side effects, they found out that:
Osteoporosis drug Fosamax side effect: Fosamax may cause stomach pain; 
Stomach acid reflux drug Prevacid side effect: Prevacid might cause osteoporosis! 

At this point, the lady realized that western medicine had her problems got into a Vicious Circle, so she decided to stop those medications and turned to for the help of the mysterious ancient oriental medicine: Acupuncture

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