【Case Report】Foot injury cured by Jarry's 5 sections Acupuncture Treatment

A year ago, a 13 year-old teenage boy got severe feet injury by playing Soccer, he was not able to go to school and when he came to see Jarry, he was on wheelchair and it was one month after the injury. Before he came to Jarry, his mother has taken him to see Family doctor, Chiropractor and Physiotherapsit, but it didn't work very well. So he came to try Jarry's acupuncture treatments, after 5 times treatment, his foot pain totally gone.

Today he came to see Jarry again because his another foot got injury pain, and he is leaving tonight to England for vacation. So his mother drove all the way from Whiteby to Scarborough to let him get Jarry's acupuncture treatment.

In this young boy's case, he could recover from his severe foot injury so quickly, first because he's very young, Usually younger people get recovered sooner, second he came for the treatment only one month after the injury, so it didn't delay the good treatment time. If he waited longer time to come for the acupuncture treatment, it would take longer time to get recovered. So don't wait for too long to see the acupuncturist if you get any kind of injuries, car accident injury, work injury, sport injury, Jarry can help! With his 27 years clinical experience, you will feel the difference.

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