【CASE REPORT】Jarry's recent successful cases for infertility

For infertility, lots of couples choose IVF or IUI to get pregnant, who also come for acupuncture to improve the IVF/IUI success rate. Some couples consider acupuncture as their first option. And Jarry(R.Ac) has many successful cases. 

A 35-year-old female, suffering from migraines, dysmenorrhea, blood clots during menstruation, having been married for many years and couldn't get pregnant. So she keep coming for Jarry's acupuncture for about 2 years. Just couple weeks ago, she told Jarry that she is pregnant. Spring always breeds new hope, which really makes us happy. 

Not long ago, a South American lady, went to see her dentist next door and she dropped by to say thanks to Jarry. With her slightly bulging belly, she talked to the patients in the waiting room: "It's doctor Jarry made me get pregnant!" and Jarry explained "It’s me cured her infertility by acupuncture."  which made everyone in the waiting room laughed.

最近又看到刘医师针灸治愈了一个顽固性不孕患者(35岁女性,患有偏头痛,痛经,月经有血块,结婚多年未孕), 这位患者坚持来让刘医师扎针近两年,就在今年春天来临之季说怀上了。春天总是孕育着新的希望,这真是让我们无比开心。

刘医师跟我们说: “类似这样 顽固性不孕症,已治愈好几例了。前几年一个南美人,一次去看走廊里面那家牙医,路过咱们诊所门口时,进来向我道谢,挺着微微隆起的肚子,向旁边候诊的病人说了一句话,让我吓了一大跳 “it’s doctor Jarry made me get pregnant!” 我赶紧给旁边的人解释”It’s me cured her infertility by acupuncture.” 在场的人哄堂大笑”