Oriental Healing Music for Heart and Liver【樂藥同源】

Medicine and music have the same origin.The ancestor of medicine is music in China.

Beautiful music can cultivate people's sentiments, purify people's hearts, and give people wonderful enjoyment. But did you know that music was originally created for healing. This can be traced back to the creation of characters by Cangjie, because the character for medicine [藥] comes from the character for Yue [樂]. Yue was used to cure diseases at the beginning of its creation, and it is the ancestor of medicine.

We all know that Cangjie created the word "Yue" based on the history of the Yellow Emperor's battle with Chiyou. In ancient China, war drums were used in the war. After the Yellow Emperor beat Chi You, Chi You's soldiers were stunned by the beating of war drums. The Yellow Emperor was a very benevolent monarch. In order to heal these soldiers, a metal bell-shaped thing was made, which is now called a musical instrument. This metal thing has copper in the middle and silk strings on both sides, and it is played on a wooden stand. 

According to the writing method of ancient characters and seal characters, there is a white character in the middle of the word "Yue", and white represents metal, and gold in the five elements corresponds to white. There are silk strings on both sides and wood on the bottom, and they are played on wooden stands. Cangjie created the character Yue based on this metal bell-shaped object. So what was this thing made for? It is to summon souls, for Chi You soldiers. Chi You's soldiers were all lying on the ground, and he healed his soldiers' souls, and the soldiers came back to life.

So this music is used to cure diseases. Later, it was discovered that herbs can also cure diseases, so a herbs head was added to the word "Yue", which became "Yao" which means medicine. Therefore, the ancestor of medicine is music, and the earliest function of music is for healing.

Oriental Healing Music for Heart

Oriental Healing Music for Liver