Alfalfa Tea lowers bad LDL cholesterol

Alfalfa plant and especially alfalfa leaves are very rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, and have very rich group of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. Besides, very important health benefits of alfalfa tea are derived from a very high content of chlorophyll, which is known for stimulating detoxification (especially of heavy metals), improved healing properties of the body, improved magnesium absorption in the body, and strengthening body tissues.

Alfalfa Tea Benefits

Alfalfa leaf tea is a great natural solution for everyone who needs to strengthen the function of the immune system and prevent a great deal of common diseases.
Those who want to lower their bad LDL cholesterol level should consider using alfalfa tea as a great natural remedy. According to the report in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, alfalfa tea consumption is linked to reduced risks of fat buildups in the arteries, along with decreased risks of serious diseases like Stroke (Apoplexy), Atrial Fibrillation, Pericarditis. Health benefits of alfalfa tea also include lower risks of cancer, according to the findings of the scientists at the American Association for Cancer Research. The study has shown that alfalfa tea benefits embrace excellent antioxidant properties of this natural remedy. Other researchers say that this herbal tea can be of a great help to those who suffer from various kidney problems or want to prevent this kind of health conditions, because alfalfa of a great diuretic recommended for reducing fluid retention and swelling.

Anti-inflammatory health benefits of alfalfa tea are considered very powerful and this natural remedy can be used to treat a great deal of infections, starting from intestinal infections and ending up with arthritis. By the way, external application of alfalfa infusion can help reducing swellings and joint pains related to arthritis. However, drinking alfalfa leaf tea is also good for those who suffer from this disease. This remedy is known as a great natural blood and liver cleanser, natural appetite stimulant, or a great natural solution for minor digestive disorders. Finally, alfalfa is known for its amazing natural properties to lower blood glucose levels being a perfect natural help to those who suffer from Diabetes. 

Alfalfa leaf tea should be made by steeping in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

Acupuncture & Herbs the natural ways to lower Cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack or a stroke.... 

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture for sub-health conditions ROCKs

Let's start from Mars500
  “Mars500” is an international experiment project to explore Mars initiated by Russia and participated by many countries.It is the first time for human being to simulate the whole process of manned experiment flying to Mars, around the Mars and landing in Mars and back to Earth. The experiment was carried out in Moscow. Six volunteers stayed for 520 days in sealed cabin and overcame difficulties and completed the simulation experiment.
        China’s project was“Mars500 TCM syndrome differentiation study in sealed environment for long time”. Daosh four diagnostic instrument was selected by expert team as the only TCM equipment.

what's sub-health conditions?

Why  do I feel weak while my health examination shows nothing wrong?

Astronaut health and job performance are required assessment to ensure safety in long term manned flight. However, in the long interstellar flight, astronaut will face such a health problem: my western medicine indicators are good, but why did I feel uncomfortable? Such as bad appetite, Insomnia, Anxiety, Uclers, Emaciation, Gaunt...
Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) emphasizes " The concept of holism" and " Syndrome differentiation and treatment" , and has unique features and advantages in the assessment of function and health conditions.

In Mars500 experimetns, six volunteers in the mild to moderate fatigue state, the overall autonomic nerve function is more exciting, still at a fairly balanced state, showing varying degrees of sub-health conditions, but no disease. After well-tried, there were signs of recovery in the late stages of the trial. Signs of this dynamic change can be recorded in a responsive vein, which can show the health of the volunteers and can be used as a reference for health assessment.

By TCM four diagnosis, it shows that "Qi" deficiency is the basis of the long airtight environment throughout the card type. All 6 volunteers had "Qi" deficiency syndrome throughout the experiment; it is accompanied by different degrees of liver depression, spleen deficiency, dampness or Yin deficiency.

So TCM focus on Qi deficiency syndrome, combining with the astronauts individual physical differences, targeting to individualized Chinese Medicine and non-drug intervention of TCM nursing measures, to improve the level of overall health in long-term manned missions.

For more than thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture have been used for treating Qi deficiency syndromes etc. sub-health conditions, and it Rocks.