Duchess of sussex Meghan get Migraine-free by acupuncture

Meghan is a fan of alternative medicine, and revealed that she also has acupuncture in a bid to ease the debilitating migraines she used to suffer with. "I have been a longtime believer in acupuncture and cupping," she told The Chalkboard. "I used to have debilitating migraines (hospitalised for them), and acupuncture and Eastern medicine absolute changed my life. Migraine-free living is a game changer."  Read more in Meghan's blog.

 As reported on The Sunday Times, Harry and Meghan went for acupuncture regularly in order to look more radiant on the wedding day.

"For me, boosting the internal organs with acupuncture is more important than treating crows feet. You can do anything you want to the skin but the effects will always be short-lived if the underlying issues are not addressed. In the long-run, better health will always show on the face."
 - Ross Barr (Celebrity Acupuncturist)

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Acupuncture Natural cures & remedies for sexual disorder

As the name suggests, Sexual Disorders are those disorders that cause problems or difficulties in any of the phase of sexual activity. Hence, these disorders can be classified as Sexual Desire Disorders, Sexual Arousal Disorders, Orgasm Disorders and Sexual Pain Disorders, depending on the phases they affect.
Sexual Desire Disorder or decreased libido is usually caused by hormonal or psychological problems. Sexual Arousal Disorders include problems like impotence, frigidity and other such problems that cause avoidance of sexual activity.
Sexual Pain Disorders include conditions like Vaginismus and Dyspareunia and are mostly caused in females. Orgasm Disorders, on the other hand, can take place in males as well as females. Other Sexual Dysfunctions and Disorders include Gender Identity Disorders, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Paraphilias like, Gerontophiliac, Somnophilia, Urophilia and a host of other disorders.

Natural Home Remedies for Sexual Disorders
1) Soak ten almonds in water overnight. In the morning, remove the skin of the almonds and add a pinch of saffron, ginger, cardamom and a cup of warm milk (cow’s milk). Blend this mixture nicely and drink this homemade medicine regularly in the morning. This is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Sexual Disorders related to decreased libido.

2) Boil some with some raisins mixed in it. Eat the raisins and drink the milk afterwards to reduce and cure Sexual Disorders.
3) Consuming a mixture of milk and drumstick flowers is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Sexual Disorders. To prepare this home remedy, boil 250 ml milk mixed with 10 to 15 grams of drumstick flowers and drink the resultant mixture.

The drumstick plant is extremely healthy and has a number of health benefits. But it is not only its leaves that are useful. The plant’s flowers serve as a perfect tonic for the reproductive system and helps beat a number of related ailments like oligospermia (less sperms), infertility, and erectile dysfunction.
How does drumstick help?
This property of drumstick is mainly due to a compound called terigospermin that helps strengthen and increase the number (sperm count) and motility of sperm. Also, a study published in the American Journal Of Neuroscience [1] found the the plant worked by inhibiting the production of a particular compound and helped improve libido and performance. Also known as ‘Natural Viagra’, drumstick flowers are extremely effective when it comes to resolving common problems like erectile dysfunction and infertility.
4) Taking a combination of dried dates, almonds, quince seeds and pistachios grinded together serves as a therapeutic natural remedy for male sexual problems by improving libido. Simply eating 100 grams of dry dates on a regular basis is also beneficial in the healing sexual problems.
5) Grind equal amounts of black gram, wheat, rice and long pepper. Fry the powdered mixture in clarified butter and boil it in boil. Have this mixture on a regular basis to get rid of Sexual Disorders related to decreased libido.
6) Herbs like Lepidium Meyenii, Ginko Biloba, Arginine, Kava Kava, Chives, Turnera Diffusa, Damiana and Indian Ginseng are highly beneficial in the treatment of Sexual Disorders. The last two remdies are particularly helpful in reducing female sexual problems.

Traditional Chinese medical treatments can be very effective if treatment is pursued early. Both acupuncture and herbal therapy take a holistic approach accounting for mental, physical and environmental aspects. Acupuncture is based on the theory that there are 14 main energy pathways that run from head to toe along the body. A symptom or a disorder occurs when there is an imbalance in flow in these pathways. The insertion of hair fine needles regulates the flow, eliminating the symptom.

The inability to perform sexually can be frustrating for both the individual and his partner. Stop the silence and seek the solutions you need to lead a healthy mental, physical and sexual life.

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