【Case Report】Lipoma Reduced after 8 sections acupuncture treatment

A 45 year-old lady got a horsebean size lipoma on her neck, which seemed growing fast. She was so worried, not sure what it was, so she came for Jarry's acupuncture treatment. After 8 sections treatment, the lipoma reduced to a soybean size, and after 2 more sections treatment, she said no more lipoma and continue the treatments for her other health condition.

Lipomas are masses of fat cells that grow together, forming a lump under your skin. Lipomas are usually small -- less than 2 inches in diameter -- and feel doughy or spongy to the touch. InTCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) the cause of lipomas is due to a stagnation in your body's flow of qi - also referred to as "life force energy." You may experience pain if the lipoma is located near nerves or contains numerous blood vessels; however, most people experience little or no troublesome symptoms. Pain or cosmetic factors are the most common reasons for surgical removal.

Acupuncture treatments for lipomas may involve inserting needles around the lipoma or stimulation of the acupuncture point located along the spleen and liver meridians. The spleen and liver are common area of stagnating qi or energy congestion. This congestion can manifest as lipomas on your skin or cause other skin disorders as well as additional symptoms like fatigue, depression or anxiety. As such, acupuncture may help open energy blockages and help alleviate lipoma-related symptoms of pain or discomfort.


While acupuncture may provide some benefit for lipomas, you should not attempt to self-diagnose lipomas. A lipoma can resemble certain types of malignant or benign tumors. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible if you develop any swelling or lump on your body.

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