【Case Report】Tylenol Over Dose Led to Vegetable & Epilepsy

By Jarry Jiu (R.Ac/RMT: Registered Acupuncturist/ Registered Massage Therapist)

I got a house-call patient last month, 30 years old, female, being in vegetative state and epileptic for 10 months。
As her father said that she got tooth removed and got the continuous ache, so she took Tylenol for killing the pain. Suddenly one day she got non stop vomiting, her father called 911 to get her into hospital for emergency treatment, the next day, she turned into a vegetable and every 2 hours she got epileptic attack.The doctor informed her family that she was in critical condition. So she was transfered to ICU(Intensive Care Unit), after half day in ICU, her father didn't see any effective treatment, so he took her home and had family doctor and some specialist to give her treatments. Their diagnosis was Tylenol Overdose cause cerebral hypoxia,unconscious and stiff limbs.She got the Calmative,lenitive medication, before I started the acupuncture treatments on her.

After  4 sessions acupuncture treatments, she has shown significant improvement:

1. Epileptic attack times reduced to 3 or 4 times a day from more than 10 times a day;
2. Fingers and toes became softener, stiff limbs have been improved;
3. Her eyes started searching around and tears when she didn't see her parents around.


上月 Markham 诊所接到一要求出诊的病人,女,30岁,植物人加癫痫大发作,病史10个月。

她爸代作主诉:去年拔牙后,牙痛持续,私自服用 Tylenol 止痛,可能过量,一日突发呕吐,拨打911后在医院急诊科住院一晚,第二天变成了植物人,并且每隔2小时左右,癫痫大发作一次(咳嗽咆哮,哭喊,怪叫,表情痛苦、恐怖)。医院书面通知病危,建议转入 ICU 观察,观察了半天后,她爸看到没有什么有效治疗手段,决定搬回家里,同时请家庭医生和一脑神经专家到家里诊治。

病人爸爸出示给我的专家诊断结果:Tylenol 过量服用导致的脑缺氧,丧失意识,并发全身尤其四肢僵直。


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Why Acupuncture is a Great Choice for Anxiety

Every year, new studies show that anxiety among otherwise healthy men and women is on the rise. While a small amount of anxiety every once in a while is normal, persistent anxiety is a serious problem – it affects behaviors, it creates stress, and it hurts your overall quality of life.
Some of the solutions to anxiety are simple. Exercise, for example, is an important first step. More and more people are working in careers that involve little physical activity, and that inactivity creates misplaced energy that can turn into stress and anxiety.
But if basic lifestyle changes don’t work, and you find that your anxiety continues to impact your life, the solutions become more complicated. Pharmaceutical medications should generally be avoided, because in addition to their addictive properties and dangerous side effects, they also only numb the issue temporarily. Once you stop taking the medications the anxiety comes back; potentially stronger than ever. In addition, while several therapies exist, these solutions are generally prohibitively expensive for the modern family. It’s for these reasons that acupuncture is such a good option as an anxiety treatment.

Reasons to Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an affordable, safe, non-addictive and effective way to treat anxiety. It has none of the side effects of modern medications, and has been used for centuries as a way of curing mental health issues and other health symptoms.
What makes acupuncture so effective, however, is the following:

  • Anxiety Points
First and foremost, there are several points that an acupuncturist can target that are designed to counter your anxiety. Acupuncturists place needles in the GV20, He5, and other points in order to balance your chi and help your body cope with anxiety. Each of these points has been tested by generations of practitioners for the past thousands of years, and is known to have a profound effect on the way you experience anxiety.

  • Tangential Points
Anxiety is not usually caused by any one issue, which is why when you really want to reduce anxiety you need to do more than simply place needles at anxiety reduction points. You also need to place needles in areas that may relate to stress, health, and other issues that could, in theory, contribute to further anxiety in the future.

  •  Accompanying Lifestyle Changes
Acupuncture is also not considered a standalone treatment. Those that use it combine the effective techniques with anxiety reduction herbs, a healthier diet and lifestyle, and more. Because anxiety can be caused by so many different aspects of a person’s life, and because it’s so important to approach anxiety reduction from a more holistic manner, this type of treatment is underrated as a potential option for anxiety sufferers.

Choosing Acupuncture as an Anxiety Option

Those that suffer from anxiety need to depend on natural treatments if possible, because modern medicine is simply too addictive with too many side effects to make it worthwhile. Since anxiety represents such an important factor in a person’s short and long term happiness, it’s also important that you select an option that is effective right away, and lasts long enough to help create real changes in your quality of life. Acupuncture from a reputable acupuncturist has the potential to do just that, and should be considered by those looking for natural treatment options.

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