Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue (Natural Therapies)

It is estimated that over 50% of the Canadian population experiences chronic fatigue. The most common causes are stress, overwork, insomnia, depression, and various malfunctions in the major systems of the body (endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, etc.) Western medicine is decidedly lacking in safe and effective treatment options for fatigue. Quite commonly, the first step is to use a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), such as Prozac, Paxil, or Wellbutrin, as fatigue is commonly associated with depression. Although trends are changing among the newer generation of doctors, it is still quite rare that the patient is offered lifestyle counseling that focuses on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. There are many wonderful alternative treatment options that include acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and exercise. Acupuncture tops the list because it tends to be so effective is supplementing the body’s energy.


The majority of patients who complain of fatigue suffer from a deficiency of vital energy (Qi). Qi is the basic energy that creates optimal physiological and neurological function. Aside from fatigue, other signs of Qi deficiency are diarrhea, pallor, easy bruising, excessive sleep (more than 9 hrs. a night), scanty menses or amenorrhea, frequent urination, low libido, and shortness of breath. The strategy of Chinese medicine is to identify a pattern of disharmony that reflects the entirety of one’s symptoms, pulse qualities, and tongue appearance. Moxibustion, a topical warming therapy, is typically used as a nourishing adjunct to the needles. This entails burning mugwort on top of the needles or directly on the skin to induce a stronger supplementing effect. We recommend weekly acupuncture and moxa treatments for 4-6 weeks, then assessing for progress.


Qi deficiency primarily affects 4 different organs: the spleen, kidney, heart, and lungs. Here are symptoms and herbal treatment options for each pattern:

Spleen: diarrhea, loose stools, bloating, bruising, fatigue, prolapse, laconic speech, internal cold
Herbal Formula: Bu zhong yi qi tang

Kidney: low back pain, low libido, fatigue, internal cold, frequent urination
Herbal Formula: Jin gui shen qi wan

Heart: restless sleep, worry, fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath
Herbal Formula: Gui pi tang

Lung: chronic cough, weak immunity, allergies, fatigue, shortness of breath, asthma
Herbal formula: Bu fei tang

Adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola rosea, ashwaganda, and ginseng may be helpful adjuncts .


B Complex: B vitamins are warming and energizing. They build Qi and blood.

Tyrosine: precursor to norepinephrine (often deficient in chronic fatigue)

5HTP: precursor to serotonin, for deeper sleep, weight loss, anxiety

Adrenosen by Health Concerns and Adrenotone by Designs for Health are both effective adrenal tonics for fatigue due to adrenal burnout.


20-30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week. At first, this may feel forced and difficult because you won’t want to exercise when you feel tired. After a few days, however, your body will begin to love the endorphin release and serotonin boost that exercise provides. Exercise alone can be a wonderful cure for fatigue. Your program should be a combination of cardiovascular and restorative exercise. Cardiovascular exercise involves running, biking, swimming, hiking, etc. Restorative exercise involves yoga, tai chi, or qi gong.


Many people with chronic fatigue can attribute this pattern to a central theme that is stealing their energy. Perhaps you are in a marriage that is not working or a job that feels stagnant. Maybe you have set your life up so that you never have time for yourself because you are too busy caring for others. Or maybe you have financial problems that make life feel burdensome. Low energy is often a sign that we are not in control of our life, whether it is in relationships, work, with our health or with our money. Set an intention to heal any area of your life that is spiraling out of control and that feels toxic to you.

There are many wonderful treatment options for chronic fatigue. This article is not intended to cover this issue in its entirety, as there can certainly be other factors involved in fatigue (immune dysfunction, low level pathogenic influences, etc.) The key is to be proactive in treating this condition.

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【Case Report】25 years Tough Headache Migraine cured by 15 sessions acupuncture treatment


4 years ago(2014), when Jarry was still a new immigrant and taking a LINK english class in Toronto, Everybody introduced themselves in the class, so the English teacher Mr.Mojtaba knew that Jarry is a Traditional Chinese acupuncturist. After the class, he told Jarry that his wife(45 years old) had Migraine for more than 25 years since her high school. She had seen different doctors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and New York, even the famous Neurologist in the past few years, but the tough headache was still there. when she got the pain, she couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep and she couldn't do anything except sweating, it was very painful. so Mr. Mojtaba asked Jarry if he can do acupuncture treatment for her. So everytime between the class's break time, Jarry did the acupuncture treatment for his wife in the car.(Because it was not allowed to do the treatment in the class) after about 15 times Jarry's acupuncture treatment, the tough headache was totally gone. Mojtaba couldn't believe it. He said that he had never known what acupuncture is and it's unbelievable that Jarry cured his wife's more than 25 years headache just by acupuncture.

Below is another migraine patient's comment on Feb.29,2016 on our facebook page:

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Acupuncture for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome【Case report】

A 27 year-old lady who has  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome came to see Jarry for acupuncture treatment , because she wants a baby. She wants to be pregnant, but she has no Menstruation at all except taking medication. when she stopped the medication, the menstruation stopped too. So Jarry told her not taking any medication during his treatment. Only after one course treament ( 10 sections/course) she told us good news that she got her period. But she said it only last 2 days, so she 's still worried, but Jarry told her that she need at lease another 2 courses treatment. For  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or endometriosis etc. problem, usually it needs at lease 3 courses acupuncture treatment to see the positive result.

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