【Case Report】25 years Tough Headache Migraine cured by 15 sessions acupuncture treatment


4 years ago(2014), when Jarry was still a new immigrant and taking a LINK english class in Toronto, Everybody introduced themselves in the class, so the English teacher Mr.Mojtaba knew that Jarry is a Traditional Chinese acupuncturist. After the class, he told Jarry that his wife(45 years old) had Migraine for more than 25 years since her high school. She had seen different doctors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and New York, even the famous Neurologist in the past few years, but the tough headache was still there. when she got the pain, she couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep and she couldn't do anything except sweating, it was very painful. so Mr. Mojtaba asked Jarry if he can do acupuncture treatment for her. So everytime between the class's break time, Jarry did the acupuncture treatment for his wife in the car.(Because it was not allowed to do the treatment in the class) after about 15 times Jarry's acupuncture treatment, the tough headache was totally gone. Mojtaba couldn't believe it. He said that he had never known what acupuncture is and it's unbelievable that Jarry cured his wife's more than 25 years headache just by acupuncture.

Below is another migraine patient's comment on Feb.29,2016 on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OrientalAcupuncture

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