Acupuncture and Natural Therapies Options for Digestive Disorders

Bloating, Gas, Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, Constipation, & Heartburn?

It is estimated that approximately 6 million Canadians experience digestive problems on an ongoing basis. This is due to the harmful repercussions of the standard Canadian diet on our population coupled with the high level of stress that the average Canadian experiences. 
Digestive problems can range from minor annoyances, such as gas and bloating, to life-threatening illnesses, such as crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, unremitting diarrhea, and various cancers that target digestive organs. 

Whatever the case, it is always worth being proactive about our digestive health. The information contained here on acupuncture and natural therapies should definitely get you going in the right direction, not only with your digestion but also with your health in general. 

1. Constipation:
 The standard Canadian diet can easily lead to chronic constipation. This diet is low in fiber and antioxidants and high in difficult to digest additives and refined ingredients. Many, many people are constipated and they don’t even know it. They may have regular bowel movements, but they are still not flushing their systems thoroughly, which creates intestinal toxicity. Intestinal cleansing is often a top priority in healing numerous chronic health problems. There are several natural herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that can relieve constipation and heal the underlying imbalances. 
  • Chinese herbal formulas such as ma zi ren wan and run chang wan are gentle laxatives that are not habit forming. 
  • Aloe vera juice reduces inflammation and promotes peristalsis (smooth muscle contraction in the bowel). 
  • Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal complex that gently eases constipation and removes stagnant waste from the intestines. 
  • Psyllium husk is a high fiber product that alleviates constipation. 
  • Flax meal and seed are excellent high fiber sources for constipation. 
  • Senna leaf is useful for severe constipation. 
2. Diarrhea: 
Chronic diarrhea can be dangerous for your health. It is still one of the leading causes of death in the world. Diarrhea is related to spleen weakness or intestinal inflammation. It is always a top treatment priority to heal this condition. Stress and anxiety can trigger regular bouts of diarrhea, as can processed and refined foods. Here are a few basic remedies for diarrhea: 
  • Chinese herbal formulas such as bu zhong yi qi tang (ginseng and astragalus), si jun qi tang (4 Gentlemen), liu jun zi tang (6 Gentlemen), and jin gui shen qi tang (rehmannia 8) are helpful for alleviating diarrhea due to deficiency. Tong xie yao feng, Isatis Cooling, and jia wei xiao yao wan are helpful for diarrhea due to heat and inflammation. 
  • Western herbs such as slippery elm, chamomile, peppermint, and ginger harmonize and soothe the stomach to stop diarrhea. 
  • Probiotics such as acidophilus are useful as long-term adjuncts in treating diarrhea. 
3. Bloating and gas: These symptoms tend to arise from eating too much or too fast, excessive stress, refined foods, coffee and alcohol, and sugar. Aside from slowing down and eating less of these foods, here are a few herbal suggestions: 
  • Chai hu shu gan wan -- the quintessential Chinese formula for the combination of stress and gas. 
  • Xiao yao wan -- Excellent for digestive problems that arise during menses and excessive stress. 
  • Liu jun zi tang -- Strengthens the spleen and takes phlegm out of the gut, which is often related to gas and bloating. 
  • Acidophilus and bifidus -- Bloating and gas can be related to candida overgrowth, which is a pathological yeast that causes an array of physical and emotional imbalances. 
4. Irritable bowel Syndrome: 

IBS is a very common problem that affects millions of Canadians. Doctors will often diagnose IBS when the patient’s symptoms don’t seem to match up with anything else, so they call it irritable bowel. This disorder is characterized by bowels fluctuating from constipation to diarrhea with intermittent abdominal pain or distention. People with IBS tend to be sensitive to a variety of foods including high fiber foods, refined sugar, wheat, and gluten products. Symptoms can continue indefinitely and can be resistant to conventional treatments.We have several patients came for acupuncture for IBS , usually with very positive results. Acupuncture theory asserts that IBS typically involves a disharmony between the liver and the spleen. The liver becomes hyperactive due to stress, anger, and frustration, which causes it to weaken the spleen, causing loose bowels and fatigue. Treatment involves relaxing the liver and strengthening the spleen. 
  • Herbal formulas such as Irritease by K’An Herbals and Isatis Cooling by Health Concerns have proven helpful. 
In general, committing to twice a week acupuncture treatment for 6-10 visits, depending upon the severity and duration of your symptoms, and you will see the improvement with the acupuncture treatment by Jarry(Chinese acupuncturist since 1989).
  • Acidophilus and bifidus can be helpful, as many people with IBS also have candida 
  • Chamomile and peppermint have a soothing effect on the gut and can reduce irritation 
Most digestive disorders respond very well to consistent acupuncture treatment. Making dietary changes that restore and detoxify the gut also enhances treatment progress. Digestion is one of the main reference points for gauging one’s overall health. If there are weaknesses or imbalances here, it is likely that one’s overall health is compromised. Maintaining healthy digestion is an essential component in our quest for optimal health.

Why do I need acupuncture or other natural therapies for my heartburn , why not just take the popular anti-acid medicines like Nexium, Prevacid, Dexilant which may works faster?

Let's take a quick look of the side effects with NEXIUM
People suffering from persistent heartburn and acid reflux disease may turn to AstraZeneca's Nexium (esomerazole) for treatment and relief. But, studies show long-term use of this prescription medication can cause fractures, kidney disease,dementia and other serious side effects. Also since you start taking Nexium, you have to be very careful when you want to stop it. Stopping Nexium (Esomeprazole) Suddenly Can Cause Severe Heartburn.

Don't want any of these side effects, call Oriental Acupuncture Clinic at 416-800-3978 today and start your natural cures and remedies right away, with our acupuncturist's 30+ years clinical experience, you will feel the difference!

Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure control

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke, increase the risk of kidney failure. It can narrow and block arteries, as well as strain and weaken the body's organs. 

In 2014, 17.7% of Canadians aged 12 and older(5.3 million people) reported being diagnosed with high blood pressure.Middle-aged Canadians face a stagging 90 percent chance of developing the condition.

As we know that the drugs used to treat it must be taken daily, usually for a lifetime. And they may have side effects, such as fatigue, depression and dizziness. 

So more and more patients are looking for alternatives for relieving hypertension. And ancient Chinese acupuncture does indeed lower blood pressure. At Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, a substantial number of our patients have responded very well with the acupuncture treatments.

And also acupuncture's benefit can be long lasting with keeping the right lifestyle or proper diet.  Usually the patients take at lease twice a week treatments(30'/session) and for at lease 6 to 8 weeks to see the improvement.  Same high blood pressure, but each individual has different cause of high blood pressure, so with the  TCM practitioners' right diagnosis is very important, find out the real cause of the condition and get the proper treatment is the key. 

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Lymphatic drainage massage for Obesity,Varicose Vein,Stress and Insomnia etc. sub-health conditions

Nowadays more and more people are concerned about "toxins" inside our body, which can cause obesity,varicose vein,stress,Insomnia etc. sub-health conditions. The lymphatic system plays an very important role in our body's detox.

Neck pain? Small pimple under armpit?Smell heavier than usual? Ankle, facial swelling? or Mamma accessoria? These signals are likely to be pulled out of the lymphatic system!
The lymphatic system is a complex drainage or “sewer” system that consists of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, thymus gland, and tonsils. Its role is to cleanse our cells by absorbing excess fluids, fats, and toxins from our tissues and into the blood where it can eventually be filtered out by the liver and kidneys.
The lymph circulation gives the toxin a sufficient chance of contact with the surface of the body's powerful detoxification cells. More than 99% of the soluble toxins and the metabolized waste can be removed by the lymphatic system. If the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of the diseases, then the exclusion of the toxins is a key point of the health. For detox, many people will only think of intestinal tract, but didn't realize the importance of lymph. The lymphatic system can recognize bacteria, viruses, diseased cells, such as cancer cells, etc., and kill them, prevent disease, cancer. These waste have to rely on "lymph" to be discharged.
Unfortunately, due to our toxic burden, nutritional deficiencies, and relative inactivity, this system has become increasingly polluted. If you suffer from any of the following, it may be a sign your lymphatic system is clogged and needs a serious cleanse:
  • Skin conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Excess weight or cellulite
  • Headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sinus infections
  • Digestive disorders
What cause the sluggish Lymphatic system?

1. Poor blood circulation, which cause the poor lymphatic detoxifying metabolism;

2. Stress, fatigue, anxiety,negative emotions produce more toxins than the body can detoxify, resulting in worse body function and get in a vicious circle;

3. Intake of salt too much, bad habits, such as staying up late, irregular diet

4. Environmental factors, such as toxic or some carcinogenic decoration materials

5. Had serious illness or other reasons such as poor immunity etc.

Our body's lymphatic system is very complicated, of which the most responsive to our health is: Neck(cervical) lymph, Armpit(axillary) lymph,Groin(inguinal) lymph.

Neck(cervical) lymph: Connected with the arteries, cervical spine, shoulder and neck, clavicle, head and axillary lymph, Neck lymph plays an important role in our body.

The whole body of the lymphatic vessels are pooled in the neck, waiting to be discharged. If the neck lymphatic system obstruction, neck will become shorter, facial swelling, and further lead to shoulder and neck stiffness and other issues

So improve the neck lymphatic function, it will improve the below conditions:

1. insomnia, dizziness, headache, facial color dark yellow dull;

2. frozen shoulder, shoulder and neck pain, easy to pillow, memory loss;

3. poor brain blood circulation, lack of oxygen.

4. neck lymph nodes swelling , acne;

5. easy to form melanin, precipitation long spot;

6. sore throat, double chin;

7. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease, heart and brain disease.

Armpit(axillary) lymph

For women, axillary lymph is particularly important. As we know the surgery for the breast cancer, together with the axillary lymph nodes cut off.

Mamma accessoria is the most obvious symptoms of Axillary lymph node clogging , in fact, it is the accumulation of metabolites and the formation of the mass. It may cause breast pain, further, may also lead to breast cancer.

The benefits of axillary lymphatic drainage: 

1. promote metabolism, detoxification;

2. prevent chest disease: mamma accessoria, breast pain or breast cancer;

3. reduce the armpit waste;

4. enhance immunity and enhance heart blood supply.

Groin(inguinal) lymph the largest reproductive system of the whole system of detoxification, when women have fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, irregular menstruation, and a series of symptoms, are derived from inguinal lymphatic blockage.You can observe all the groin lymph clogging when you wipe the groin by hand and feel the internal pain or grooming, or legs get tired quickly when walking or climbing stairs , it can also affect the kidney. 

The benefits of groin lymphatic drainage:

1. metabolic pelvic garbage toxins.

2. improve renal function, female reproductive health.

3. prevent lower limb obesity.

4. prevent gynecological uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts.

5. promote hormones, improve sex life.

6. prevent gynecological inflammation.

7. improve the blood circulation of limbs.

8. improve the lower limb circulation, prevent inguinal enlargement.

9. improve the numbness of the legs

11 ways to detoxify your lymphatic system: 

  1. Sleep: pressure hormones cause the body to accumulate fat, reduce the lymphatic function. Adequate and high quality sleep, can reduce stress hormones.

  2. Massage can improve the lymph circulation. A lymphatic drainage massage is one easy way to detoxify your lymph system as a skilled practitioner will stimulate circulation and drain fat, fluids, toxins, and other waste products away from your cells for proper elimination.

Toronto's Oriental acupuncture clinic Emily's "Lymphatic Drainage Massage" can effectively regulate the body's lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, metabolic excretion, great care for Obesity, varicose veins, cold hands and feet, stress, insomnia etc. sub-health crowd. 

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3. Bath / foot bath at night before going to bed, hot bath, or foot bath, the appropriate rubbing the skin and lymphatic concentration, can stimulate the lymph circulation, so that the body sweating, can promote the discharge of lymphotoxin.

  4. Exercises: the most effective way to improve the lymph circulation

  Stretching exercise, aerobic exercise helps to circulate the lymph, including yoga, pilates, walking, bouncing. The study found that the simple act of lightly bouncing up and down on a “mini trampoline”, the lymphatic system organs will be activated and the flow of lymph fluid increased by 14 times,which is the perfect movement for stimulating lymph flow, and toning other detoxification organs as well.

  5. deep breathing deep breathing can make the muscles, especially when the abdominal muscles to stretch, the increase in oxygen, can also compress the flow of lymph fluid.

  6. A hot and cold shower can stimulate the flow of lymph. Caution is required when using this therapy if you have a heart condition or are pregnant.

  7. avoid toxins : avoid long-term exposure to pesticides, insecticides, decoration materials released by toxins, dyes and so on. Reduce the stress.
  8. Eat foods that promote lymph flow
Eating a clean, nutrient rich, and mostly raw food diet rooted in produce is the first step to promoting healthy lymph flow. Some particularly cleansing foods for the lymphatic system include:
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Low sugar fruits
  • Garlic
  • Ground flaxseed
  • Seaweed
  • Algae
  • Chia
  • Avocados
  • Cranberries
  • Walnuts
  • Brazil nuts
  • Almonds
These types of foods will help provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, and enzymes to cleanse your lymphatic system more efficiently.

  9.Take herbs that stimulate lymph flow

Herbs are great natural stimulators, and when used appropriately can be very useful for kickstarting various areas of the body. Your lymphatic system is no different.
Some great herbs to consider for teas, juices, and more include:
  • Echinacea
  • Astragalus
  • Goldenseal
  • Wild indigo root
  • Red clover
  • Pokeroot
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
10. An infrared sauna is also an excellent and easy option, as the sweat excreted through your skin can help release the toxic burden on your lymphatic system and allow it to work more effectively.

11. Acupuncture, an ancient and effective TCM treatment, also helps open up pathways (meridians) in your body to help stimulate lymph flow and help remove toxins from the body.

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Why I still got flu after flu vaccine

Flu season is coming, we always hear some people complaint that:" I got the flu shot, why I still caught the flu..." 

The studies show flu vaccine reduces the risk of flu illness by about 50%  to 60% among the overall population during seasons when most circulating flu viruses are like the vaccine viruses. If the flu viruses the flu vaccine is designed to protect against match the flu viruses spreading in the community,we might get substantial benefits from vaccination,but during years when the flu vaccine is not well matched to circulating viruses, it’s possible that no benefit from flu vaccination may be observed. 

If the flu vaccine doesn't work then what we can do to protect ourselves from the flu in the flu season.Usually taking 2 cloves garlic with some vinegar everyday can protect us from those flu viruses. Or having this natural "flu shot" recipe from Oriental Clinic and get the Natural Cures & Remedies from your comfortable home.


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