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Acupuncture is a holistic treatment approach that has been used for more than 3,000 years. More and more people even celebrities are trying acupuncture.
Everywhere you turn; there are stories about celebrities getting acupuncture  cupping ( Cupping Therapy in Rio Olympics ) or Moxibustion etc. these ancient Chinese therapies. 
Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for systemic disorders, alleviating pain, and more than hundred  other health conditions  which have been reviewed by  WHO(World Health Organization).

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Government Registered Acupuncturist;
Government Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner;
More than 25 years hospital and clinical experience;
Over 10 years of College TCM &Acupuncture teaching experience;
Specializes in Gynecological diseases
Menstrual disorder, Infertility,PMS,Menopause,
Symptomatic uterine myoma / Fibroids,
Pain Management; Cancer control, 
Weight Lost, Diabetes, HBP;
Skin disease, Asthma & Pediatric health conditions

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Menopausal Syndrome

Menopause is one of the most significant events in a woman's life and brings in a number of physiological changes that affect the life of a woman, menopause bleeding, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, tingling, nausea, pain, anxiety, depression etc. Women between 45 to 55 years old might experience these health conditions or issues.

Many people are not aware that acupuncture and Oriental medicine have enjoyed a rich and extensive history in treating the gamut of female health concerns, from PMS to dysmenorrhea to infertility to postpartum issues. Menopause is another dimension of female health that can be extremely difficult for women, as hot flashes and night sweats can cause unbearable discomfort. 

Fortunately, acupuncture and herbs are an excellent options for menopausal women, as they offer safe, noninvasive, and effective treatment for these often debilitating symptoms. Menopause is a time where many women become yin deficient, meaning that the cooling, moistening, and calming aspects of their physiology are weakening. As a result, they often get hot, irritated, anxious, and can’t sleep as well. The main treatment principle for menopausal women involves nourishing yin with acupuncture and herbs.

Acupuncture is considered to be a cooling therapy. The stainless steel needles that are used during treatment are said to disperse Qi. This means that they are unblocking energy that has become blocked or stuck. When energy gets blocked for too long, it generates heat which will burn yin and lead to yin deficiency. Many women patients said that they felt cooler right after the needles were put in. The needles are actually deflating certain areas that have become overheated and compressed. Certain points are also used that have a direct effect on nourishing yin, thereby rejuvenating the cooling aspects of one’s physiology.
Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture to create a state of continuity in clearing heat and nourishing yin between treatments. We would highly recommend committing to this approach before using hormone therapy, as these natural options are free of side effects. Hormone therapy is quite controversial in terms of its long-term effects. While it has worked wonders for many women in the short-term, when I hear references to increased incidence of ovarian cancer, fibrocystic breasts, and emotional fluctuations, we cannot give it a raving endorsement.

 Below is a list of several Chinese herbal formulas that are used to treat hot flashes and night sweats:

Zhi bai di huang wan/temper fire: This is probably the most popular Chinese herbal formula for hot flashes. It is considered a kidney yin tonic that clears fire from the kidneys. Other symptoms would be low back pain, scanty dark urine, and low energy. It is safe, gentle, and can work miracles if it matches well with the patient’s constitution.

Jia wei xiao yao wan/free and easy wanderer plus: This formula addresses hot flashes that are due to a liver depressive heat pattern which would include symptoms such as irritability, high stress, red eyes, headaches, and indigestion.

Da bu yin wan: This formula is for a pattern called ‘steaming bone syndrome’ in which the hot flashes feel as if they are penetrating into the depths of one’s bones. It is a kidney yin tonic that utilizes herbs that penetrate deep into the body to clear heat.

Tian wan bu xin dan/celestial emperor’s teapill: This formula is for a combination of heart and kidney yin deficiency, which will manifest with symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, thirst, and malar flush.

Er xian tang: This formula is for a mixed pattern of kidney yin and yang deficiency. Symptoms include a history of feeling cold with recent onset of hot flashes, low libido, fatigue, and low back pain.

Hot flashes and night sweats tend to respond very well to treatment with acupuncture and herbs. It is important to keep in mind that these symptoms often have an underlying emotional component that needs to be addressed before they will disappear. It is natural to feel heightened emotions as you go about healing this condition with acupuncture and herbs. We highly recommend seeking out the help of a qualified healthcare professional if you are interested in using herbs for hot flashes and night sweats. Many patients have said things like, ‘I heard that black cohosh is good for hot flashes, but it never worked for me.’ It is important to keep in mind that herbs will only work if they address your specific constitutional needs. These needs are assessed by examining the tongue, palpating the pulse, and matching these findings with one’s symptoms. In this way, a much more specific and accurate diagnosis and treatment is formulated that will more likely optimize the benefits for the patient. The licensed and experienced Traditional Chinese Practitioner(R.TCMP) at Oriental Acupuncture Clinic will customize the herbal formula which is tailored for your unique needs.

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5 TCM Key Tips for Weight Loss for long term

Approximately half a million Canadians are overweight. 34% of our country is obese, which means that one is over 20 pounds his or her optimal weight. The vast majority of overweight people have been on a variety of diets and regimens. It is quite common to experience initial success on diets. Unfortunately, the good results are usually temporary and eventually spiral into the same or a higher weight than we were at prior to the diet. This cycle can continue through life, which leaves many people feeling disempowered, cynical, and depressed about their ability to maintain an optimal weight. In our practice, we have helped many people lose weight and keep it off. This is because we educate our patients that they are NEVER to diet again. Instead, what they need to do is find a healthy way to eat that truly works for them and then stick with it as long as they live.

The problem with dieting is that we think it’s OK to revert to the way we were eating after the diet is over. Dieting implies a short period of time in which we use will power to shed weight, only to return to our old ways sooner or later. At the end of the diet we usually say, ‘phew, I’m glad that’s over!’ This mindset is undoubtedly a form of self-sabotage. As our bodies become accustomed to losing weight and eating different foods on the diet, they easily go into a state of shock once the old foods are reintroduced. Our metabolism will eventually shut down altogether if we abuse ourselves by repeatedly gaining and losing large amounts of weight.

We also know that there simply is no magic bullet for losing weight. There is no pill that will effortlessly make the weight melt off. Having a healthy body takes work; there is no way around that. The key is to have a healthy relationship with ourselves so we can make changes that are not based on will power. We have to learn how to enjoy taking care of ourselves. We have to find the balance between immediate gratification and harsh discipline. This means that we are proactive about our health; we aren’t using food to beat ourselves up or to take away the pain in our lives. Instead, our food choices reflect a very strong commitment that we have made to ourselves to heal our bodies and minds with nutrition. Every one of us is entitled to this relationship with food and it is definitely possible. We can actually enjoy the hard work it takes to live well.

The truth is that we will never have the body we want until we are educated about making the right choices with food, healing the underlying emotional imbalances that make us crave unhealthy foods, and generally make a commitment to achieving optimal health. Let’s take a look at each of these in closer detail:

1) Making the right choices with food:

This means becoming informed about nutrition. There has to be a basic understanding of the effects of various foods on our health if we are to use food as medicine. (And that is what we are getting at, using food to heal ourselves rather than as poison). Our knowledge of food must go beyond, ‘eat your fruits and vegetables.’ Here are a few basic guidelines for getting your on track with your food choices. This advice is simple to follow and will drastically change your food choices:
  • Eat organic foods-- If you aren’t already doing so, start shopping at your local health food store for the majority of your daily meals. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but you have to look at this as an investment in your health. 95% of the foods that you buy over the counter at regular grocery stores have no nutritional value whatsoever. Instead, many conventional foods are pumped with additives, refined sugar, herbicides and pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, transfats, and hormones. Do you really want these kinds of things in your body? Shopping at your health food store will drastically reduce your intake of these unhelpful additives. Organic foods have much more nutritional value.
  • Try to eat mostly whole foods-- Eat foods in their natural state. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, grains, etc. are all examples of whole foods.
  • Reduce your intake of refined sugar and carbohydrates--- These are the foods that will make the weight pile on. Muffins, pasta, cereal, white rice, candy, soda, bread, bagels, etc. are the culprits in weight gain and water retention.
  • Drink 6-9 glasses of filtered water daily-- Hunger pangs are often a sign of dehydration. Reach for water before you reach for food.
  • Eat a big breakfast and a small dinner. Eat whole food snacks every 2-3 hours throughout the day.
2) Healing Our Emotions and Food Cravings:

Food is definitely a drug for many of us. To make it worse, it is a socially accepted drug, which means that it seems OK because everyone around us is indulging, so why shouldn’t we? We are surrounded by images of food all around us. The marketing gurus for major food corporations are masters at making us feel deprived if we don’t indulge our desires for immediate gratification. Many of us are overweight because we use food to fill an emotional void. Our deeper needs in life are not being satisfied and we don’t know how to nourish ourselves appropriately. Healing our relationship with food is often dependent upon our ability to satisfy ourselves in our work and relationships, Many people turn to food when their sexual life is either non-existent or dissatisfying. When we are engaged with our lives and know how to handle the various stresses that come with adult responsibilities, then we will not turn to food compulsively. We will discuss how to go about healing ourselves in these ways in a bit.

3) Making a Commitment to Optimal Health:

Most of us are conditioned into believing that other things in life are more of a priority than our health. We only make our health a priority when we experience symptoms that alert us to the fact that something is wrong. Committing to optimal health means that our health becomes one of the top priorities in our lives right NOW, even if we feel fine. This means taking the time to eat nutritious foods, exercise, and keep stress at bay with techniques such as meditation or yoga. When we make this commitment and truly live by it, our weight will naturally be more balanced. This commitment is can only be genuine if we deeply respect and value ourselves.

Achieving optimal health and a balanced weight entails having the same relationship with exercise as we do with food. Both nutrition and exercise must be key elements to our daily lifestyle. We recommend exercising 20 minutes a day, 5 days per week for those of you just starting out. Just as there is a way to eat that is both healthy and enjoyable, there is also a way to exercise that we can commit to for the long-term. Your main strategy should be to experiment with all forms of exercise until you find something you really like. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy, but it certainly can be enjoyable. If we don’t have a basic enjoyment for exercise, then the only way to get through it is by using will power, which will run out sooner or later. Many people find that exercising in community is much better for them than exercising alone. I prefer tennis and yoga. I have been doing both for years and I know that they will be in my life forever, simply because I love both of them. Everybody loves something, you just have to find what it is and do it regularly.

4)Herbs and Supplements

As we know, there are no magic bullets for weight loss. There are, however, very helpful adjuncts to weight loss that can certainly speed the process along. Below are a few products we use in our practice (these can only be purchased through licensed professionals):
  • Lotus Leaf Tablets: Also by 7 Forests, this is a strong herbal formula for weight loss.
  • EndoTrim: Made by Designs for Health, combines a variety of antioxidants and extracts to help convert fat into muscle and stabilize the blood sugar.
  • Crave Arrest: Also by Designs for Health, this product is excellent for sugar and carbohydrate cravings.
  • 5 htp: A natural precursor to serotonin, 5 htp is used for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and carbohydrate cravings.
  • ZENShape™ With African mango seed extract, green tea leaf extract, and raspberry ketones, ZEN Shape™ fights sugar cravings while controlling hunger. Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market,ZENShape™ was made for body fat loss
  • There are also many acupuncture points and protocols that reduce cravings, stimulate metabolism, reduce water retention, and optimize digestion.

5) Acupuncture or Cupping Treatments
We typically recommend to our patients make it a goal to lose 1-3 pounds per week as they transition to a whole foods diet, increased exercise, and the combination of acupuncture,take 2 times acupuncture treatments per week regularly, with our acupuncturists (both female or male acupuncturist)and TCM herbalist over 25 years clinical experience, most patients can expect to drop 10 to 30 lbs after 10 sessions acupuncture treatment. This may not seem like a lot compared to crash dieting, but it certainly is a more balanced and holistic health approach. It may take 1-2 years to lose all the weight you’d like, but the odds are that you will keep it off if you do it in a gradual and balanced way. This is not a diet; it is living and being healthy forever.

     Also check the blog about Cupping Makes Weight Loss Easy

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Acupuncture for varicose veins - natural cures and remedies

Up to 30% of people can be affected by varicose veins which is where the veins  have become large, swollen and twisted. The most common place for them to appear is on the calves and behind the knees and are due to damaged or weakened valves. There is often a familial pattern and though varicose veins don’t always cause severe pain, people dislike their appearance and some seek surgery to rectify the problem. Many people just simply put up with the cramps and heavy leg sensation.
Actually there are a number of different ways to prevent and treat varicose veins, ranging from expensive surgeries to using natural essential oils. Before turning to irritating prescription creams or expensive laser surgeries — which aren’t always effective and should really be considered last-resort options — it’s a good idea to try Acupuncture for varicose veins and other natural cures and  remedies first to lower the visibility of bulging veins without much risk involved.

Natural Varicose Veins Treatment

Treatment options for varicose veins range from  medications, compression stockings, lifestyle changes to minimally invasive (e.g.,sclerotherapy or endoluminal ablation), to invasive (surgical techniques), to hybrid (combination of ≥1 therapies).
A 2007 report published in the Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England found that nerve injuries following varicose vein surgeries are common and that more than half the patients treated will develop some recurrent varicose sites within 10 years of surgery.
Varicose veins are always a symptom of an underlying venous insufficiency disorder. This is true whether or not you experiences other symptoms like pain and swelling. If you visit a dermatologist or doctor to talk about treatment options, you’ll likely be advised to make certain lifestyle modifications first, before surgery or other treatments are even considered. These can greatly help decrease blood pooling in your veins, while also offering many other perks, like more energy, clearer skin, better heart health and improved digestion. And the best part is that natural remedies pose little to no risk and are far less expensive than surgeries too.
Here are some natural treatments for varicose veins:
1. Exercise
Regularly getting exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve blood flow and lower inflammation, which you can add to the extensive list of exercise benefits
2. Maintaining a Healthy Weight
People who are overweight are more likely to develop varicose veins, especially overweight women and elderly people. Carrying excess body weight puts higher amounts of pressure on your veins and can contribute to inflammation or reflux, especially in the largest superficial veins, such as the saphenous vein in the legs.
3. Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

Many different essential oils are beneficial for improving blood flow while also lowering inflammation and hormonal imbalances. One of the best for specifically treating vein problems is cypress oil, which has the ability to increase circulation and support the circulatory system. Try rubbing five drops of cypress essential oil on the problematic area twice daily for several weeks. If you experience muscle aches, swelling or skin blisters, try using other diluted essential oils like peppermint, tea tree and lavender oil in small amounts to soothe problem areas.
4. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Certain foods help reverse inflammation and improve blood flow, making it possible to heal varicose veins faster and prevent future ones from forming. A poor diet — high in things like trans fats, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods — can contribute to arterial damage, low circulation, blood pressure problems, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Many of these foods are also high-sodium foods, which is dehydrating, and contain toxins that can worsen swelling in varicose veins.
Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods for reducing the appearance of varicose veins include:
  • High-fiber foods — Fiber helps improve heart health and is also necessary for healthy digestive functions. Eating 30–40 grams of fiber every day is a great way to prevent constipation, which can cause bloating and increased pressure on the veins around the abdomen and legs. High-fiber foods to eat include chia seeds and flaxseeds, (which are also omega-3 foods, which are anti-inflammatory), vegetables, fresh fruit, and soaked/sprouted legumes and ancient grains.
  • High-antioxidant foods — Antioxidants, such as flavonoids (present in berries), vitamin C and vitamin E (both present in green veggies and citrus fruits), help strengthen veins, fight inflammation and improve arterial health. Vitamin E is known to help prevent blood clots, acts like a natural blood thinner and is tied to heart health. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-inflammatory and beneficial for skin health.
  • Natural diuretics — Doctors sometimes use diuretic pills to help increase urination and reduce water retention or swelling. You can get the same effect safely by consuming things like fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro, basil), fennel, dandelion greens, cucumber, asparagus and celery.
  • Magnesium-rich foods — Blood pooling , blood pressure problems and leg cramps (like restless leg syndrome) are warning signs of deficiencies in electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. To overcome these symptoms, increase intake of things like leafy greens, avocado, bananas, cruciferous veggies and sweet potatoes.
  • Spicy foods — Foods with spices such as cayenne pepper or curry help heat up the body and get blood flowing, adding to healthy circulation and even appetite/weight control.
  • Wild-caught fish — Fish and seafood like wild salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and tuna provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for proper blood flow.
  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) — ACV improves circulation in the vein walls and is an effective anti-inflammatory. Many people find that using ACV along with witch hazel on varicose veins helps lower swelling and and improves their appearance within just a few weeks.
5.  Natural Herbs Including Bilberry and Horse Chestnut
Bilberry and horse chestnut, two plants that are thousands of years old and popular folk remedies, have been found to be both effective and safe for treating varicose veins. Both have been studied for chronic venous insufficiency that causes pain, ankle swelling, feelings of heaviness, itching and nighttime leg cramping. They’re also beneficial for lowering water retention, circulatory problems, swelling, diarrhea, PMS cramps and other skin-related conditions.
AntistaxTM Tablets offer effective relief by improving the blood flow in your lower legs. Helps relieve symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency such as a feeling of tired,heavy,painful legs,edema or swollen legs and varicose veins. They will reduce swelling noticeably, so you can enjoy being your active self again.
AntistaxTM Tablets contain the unique ingredient red vine leaf extract which is clinically proven to provide symptomatic relief of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

6. Regular Acupuncture treatment or bloodletting therapy improve the blood circulation

The color of the veins is usually blue to dark purple and this color is very significant according to traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.
Purple and bluish veins indicate that the body system is being affected by a traditional diagnostic concept known as “Blood Stasis”.
There is saying in Chinese medical texts dating back hundreds of years that says “Blood stasis is the cause of all problems and blood stasis complicates all conditions”.
The term blood stasis includes symptoms like varicose veins, spider veins and thick dry skin such as on the heel as well as fixed stabbing pains that could be anywhere in the body. Ancient Chinese physicians understood the concept of blood flow and the relationship of blood vessels to the heart hundreds of years before the US medical physician William Harvey wrote about blood circulation.
Many people believe that acupuncture is limited to treat nerve and pain syndromes. It then comes as a surprise to people to learn that acupuncture can help with blood circulation problems such as chest pain from heart disease, varicose veins, Raynaud’s disease and diabetes related peripheral neuropathy.
Ancient Chinese physicians even understood the connection between the lungs and heart and their relationship with oxygen exchange. A special acupuncture point on the wrist, known as tai yuan, Lung 9, was allocated the special role of being the meeting acupuncture point of all blood vessels. It can be used to treat all problems with blood vessels including varicose veins and heart pain.
Other acupuncture points on the leg such as the one called “sea of blood”, Spleen 10, is used to increase circulation of blood when it is suspected of being “stuck” as in blood stasis.
More and more people are seeking alternatives like acupuncture to treat varicose veins instead of surgery. This is because too many operations have been unsuccessful and left people dissatisfied and the word gets aroundGetting surgery on veins is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted

7. Foot bath with Chinese herbs: Dangui(当归)、Honghua(红花)、Niuqi(牛膝)、 Cuanqiong(川芎) Ginger(姜)

Acupuncture: A great Choice for Curing Anxiety

Every year, new studies show that anxiety among otherwise healthy men and women is on the rise. While a small amount of anxiety every once in a while is normal, persistent anxiety is a serious problem – it affects behaviors, it creates stress, and it hurts your overall quality of life.
Some of the solutions to anxiety are simple. Exercise, for example, is an important first step. More and more people are working in careers that involve little physical activity, and that inactivity creates misplaced energy that can turn into stress and anxiety.
But if basic lifestyle changes don’t work, and you find that your anxiety continues to impact your life, the solutions become more complicated. Pharmaceutical medications should generally be avoided, because in addition to their addictive properties and dangerous side effects, they also only numb the issue temporarily. Once you stop taking the medications the anxiety comes back; potentially stronger than ever. In addition, while several therapies exist, these solutions are generally prohibitively expensive for the modern family. It’s for these reasons that acupuncture is such a good option as an anxiety treatment.

Reasons to Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an affordable, safe, non-addictive and effective way to treat anxiety. It has none of the side effects of modern medications, and has been used for centuries as a way of curing mental health issues and other health symptoms.
What makes acupuncture so effective, however, is the following:

  • Anxiety Points
First and foremost, there are several points that an acupuncturist can target that are designed to counter your anxiety. Acupuncturists place needles in the GV20, He5, and other points in order to balance your chi and help your body cope with anxiety. Each of these points has been tested by generations of practitioners for the past thousands of years, and is known to have a profound effect on the way you experience anxiety.

  • Tangential Points
Anxiety is not usually caused by any one issue, which is why when you really want to reduce anxiety you need to do more than simply place needles at anxiety reduction points. You also need to place needles in areas that may relate to stress, health, and other issues that could, in theory, contribute to further anxiety in the future.

  •  Accompanying Lifestyle Changes
Acupuncture is also not considered a standalone treatment. Those that use it combine the effective techniques with anxiety reduction herbs, a healthier diet and lifestyle, and more. Because anxiety can be caused by so many different aspects of a person’s life, and because it’s so important to approach anxiety reduction from a more holistic manner, this type of treatment is underrated as a potential option for anxiety sufferers.

Choosing Acupuncture as an Anxiety Option

Those that suffer from anxiety need to depend on natural treatments if possible, because modern medicine is simply too addictive with too many side effects to make it worthwhile. Since anxiety represents such an important factor in a person’s short and long term happiness, it’s also important that you select an option that is effective right away, and lasts long enough to help create real changes in your quality of life. Acupuncture from a reputable acupuncturist has the potential to do just that, and should be considered by those looking for natural treatment options.

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TCM formulas for stroke and Bell Palsy recovery

Also known as Typhonium Rhizome or Rhizoma Typhonii, it refers to the tuber of Du Jiao Lian (Typhonium giganteum Engl.), which is a perennial plant of the family Araceae.This herb is collected during Autumn, fibrous roots and skin off, washed clean, fumigated with sulphur, and dried in the sun.

Zhi Fu Zi refers to Prepared Aconite Root, which is the lateral root of rhizome of Chinese monkshood. It is acrid, sweet and hot in nature. Thanks for its excellent functions on restoring devastated yang, assisting yang to supplement fire, and dispersing cold to stop pain, it is hailed as The king of Warming Herbs. But Fu Zi (Aconite Root) is considered poisonous and need to be used with extreme care. It should be avoided for pregnant women and those of hyperactivity of yang due to yin deficiency group. In addition, it contradicts to Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome), Gua Lou (Trichosanthes Fruit), Bei Mu (Fritillaria Bulb), Bai Lian (Radix Ampelopsis Japonicae), and Bai Ji (Bletilla Rhizome).

It is acrid, sweet and hot in nature. Please also note that it is poisonous. It involves with channels of stomach and liver. It is capable of expelling wind-phlegm, arresting convulsion, relieving toxicity, dissipating nodules, and stopping pain. Regular uses and indications include stroke, Bell's Palsy, tetanus, MigraineRheumatoid ArthritisRheumatic Arthritis, spasm, crewels, and snake bite, etc. Regular dosage is from 3 to 6 grams in decoction, and 0.5 to 1 grams in powder.

Besides above-mentioned main functions, this herb is able to remove melanoma. This method is very simple to follow too. Grinding into powder, mix with honey, plaster on a paper and then mask them on your face before sleeping. Combining with the appropriate sun block in the daytime, the result will be better. "Ben Cao Jing Shu" ever said that it is dry and ascending in nature, which makes it positive among so many wind herbs. Ascending is the nature of wind. Combined with its dispersing and acrid nature for clearing damp, its medicinal momentum reaches the top and covers all conditions on face.

From the TCM point of view, the causes of stroke lies in long-term Qi-blood deficiency and yin yang imbalance in heart, liver and kidney, which blocks the normal circulation of Qi and blood. Due to lacking of moistening and nourishing, the liver-yang rise suddenly and sharply, which makes for the occurring of wind. Thus blood rampages through the channels along with reversed flow of Qi, phlegm, and fire.
Bai Fu Zi is hardly limited only for stroke and Bell's Palsy recovery. Actually it is widely used in the treatments of Zhong Feng, which refers to stoke and patterns hit by wind pathogen. When stroke and Bell's Palsy are involves, it is wind that is the main culprit from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So, to cure similar diseases, expelling wind would be the immediate task to be deal with.
Modern pharmacological research reveals that this herb can be used as calcium channel blockers, bradycardic, and anti-inflammatory agent. Clinically it is widely used for treating Epilepsy, cerebral thrombosis, and unknown migraines. One of representative formula to treat stroke and sequelae is Zhong Feng Hui Chun Wan, which is a Chinese patent medicine. Main symptoms and signs are insensible feeling of hands and skins, Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy), babble, slobbering, and Hemiplegia.
Herbs used in Zhong Feng Hui Chun Wan include Dang Gui (Dong Quai), Chuan Xiong (Szechuan Lovage Root), Hong Hua (Safflower Flower), Tao Ren (Peach Seed), Ji Xue Teng (Millettia Vine), Tu Bie Chong (Wingless Cockroach), Jiang Can (Silkworm), Dan Shen (Red Sage Root), Mu Gua (Chaenomeles Fruit), Ren Dong Teng (Honeysuckle Stem), Di Long (Earthworm), Chong Wei Zi (Semen leonuri), Chuan Niu Xi (Szechuan Achyranthes Root), Quan Xie (Scorpion), Wu Gong (Centipede), Shen Jin Cao (Clubmoss), Wei Ling Xian (Clematis Root), Luo Shi Teng (Star Jasmine Stem), and Jin Qian Bai Hua Se (Agkistrodon).

Tailor-Made At Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, our registered TCM pratitioner will customize your diagnosis based on syndrome differentiation and customize prescriptions to meet specific needs of your condition.

Quality Guarantee We use only natural medicines Certified by GMP, recognized by Health Canada and most NPN numbers. We guarantee our TCM product of unsurpassed quality. Natural and Pure with no addition of other material,western medicine nor usage of r-Ray to kill bacteria.

In TCM treatment for stroke and Bell Palsy recovery, acupuncture combined with Chinese medicine formula is one of the best options for treating it from the root. Our reputable and experienced TCM practitioners make the difference.

6 TCM Treatment Principles and Tips for Stress-related Conditions

Stress is an inevitable part of life. In TCM, stress affects the free flow of Qi within the body, resulting in stagnation, excessive internal Heat and poor Blood circulation. Excessive and prolonged stress may impede the delicate balance in our body and trigger severe health problems.
The most common manifestations of stress include sleeping disorders, anxiety disorders, headaches, fatigue, indigestion, restlessness, hypertension, acne, poor or excessive appetite, decrease in sexual ability, and a desire for sweets and dessert. In some cases, long-term stress can also lead to weight loss or weight gain problems.

Stress & Digestive Health

 Stress tends to impede the flow of Qi, which would affect the Spleen's functions. Consequently, the transformation and transportation of digested food will be affected, and this will lead to an accumulation of internal dampness. In time, problems such as weight gain may develop.

Stress & Shoulder Tension

 Shoulder tension is caused by factors ranging from continuous mechanical strain, a lack of exercise, improper posture while working or sleeping, and emotional stress.
When stress builds up and the Liver-Qi flow is impeded, the shoulder muscles will tighten and become rigid. Tension in the shoulders leads to shoulder pain, neck pain and even headaches.

General Treatment Principles and Tips for Stress-related Conditions

 TCM is effective in relieving stress through acupuncture, herbal medicine and/or massage therapy. It is important to note that treatments must be customised according to each unique body constitution.
• Ensure the free flow of Liver-Qi
In TCM, the Liver helps to regulate our emotions. When the flow of Liver-Qi is interrupted, emotional disturbances such as depression, frustration, anger, mood swings may occur. Thus, it is important to ensure the smooth flow of Liver-Qi in the treatment of stress-related conditions.
For decades, TCM physicians have been prescribing Xiao Yao San (逍遥散), which is believed to have stress-relieving properties. The prescription comprises Hare’s Ear Root (Chaihu, 柴胡), Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归), Peppermint (Bohe, 薄荷), White Atractylodes (Baizhu, 白术) and Poria (Fuling, 茯苓).
Common herbs that promote the flow of Qi include Perilla Stem (Zisugeng 紫苏梗), Hawthorne Berry (Shanzha, 山楂), Lingzhi (灵芝), Cnidium (Chuanxiong, 川芎), Turmeric Root (Yujin, 郁金), Tangerine Peel (Chenpi, 陈皮) and Prepared Fleeceflower Root (Zhishouwu, 制首乌).
Tonics that contain Eucommia Bark (Duzhong, 杜仲), Glossy Privet Fruit (Nvzhenzi, 女贞子), Eclipta (Mohanlian, 墨旱莲), Black Sesame (Heizhima, 黑芝麻) and Himalayan Teasel Root (Xuduan, 续断) are useful for invigorating the Liver.
Acupuncture treatments may aid in re-energising our body circulation, particularly in the circulation of stagnant Liver-Qi.
• Eliminate internal Heat or fire
Late nights and irregular eating habits can put us under intense stress. The untreated stagnation of Liver-Qi will generate internal fire, which may travel upwards to the head region and disturb our sleeping process, suppress our appetite, or cause other disharmonies.
In these cases, treatments usually focus on clearing our internal fire to restore balance. Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan (天王补心丸) is one of the ancient prescriptions that can supplement the Yin and remove internal fire to relieve stress. Herbs such as Foxglove Root (Shengdi, 生地), Asparagus Root (Tiandong, 天冬), Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit (Wuweizi, 五味子), Chinese Gentian (Longdancao, 龙胆草), Salvia Root (Danshen, 丹参), Figwort Root (Xuanshen, 玄参) and Anemarrhena (Zhimu, 知母) help in clearing internal fire.
• Calm the Mind (Shen)
When the Mind is relaxed, the body will return to its harmonious state.
Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for stress. It helps by calming the Mind and relaxing the muscles.
Chinese herbs that also help to calm the Mind are Biota Seed (Baiziren, 柏子仁), Poria (Fuling, 茯苓), Oyster Shell (Muli, 牡蛎), Thinleaf Milkwort Root (Yuanzhi, 远志), Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit (Wuweizi, 五味子), American Ginseng (HuaQishen, 花旗参), Longan Fruit (Longyanrou, 龙眼肉) and Lily Bulb (Baihe, 百合).
• Nourish the Heart
In Huang Di Nei Jing (The Emperor's Inner Canon), the Heart is said to be the master of Zang-fu organs, the ruler of the Mind or spirit (Shen) and the seat of consciousness and intelligence. The health of the Heart affects the Shen and can in turn lead to emotional disturbances such as anxiety, insomnia and palpitations. Therefore, it is important to maintain Heart health to sustain emotional balance.
Biota Seeds is one of the Chinese herbs that nourishes the Heart. It is commonly used to treat insomnia accompanied by fidgetiness and palpitations, night sweating, as well as constipation. Other herbs that benefit the Heart’s functions include Longan Fruit (Longyanrou, 龙眼肉), Lotus Seeds (Lianzi, 莲子), Lotus Root (Lianou, 莲藕), Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit (Wuweizi, 五味子), Tortoise Carapace and Plastron (Guijia, 龟甲).
Heart Tonifying Soup (Yang Xin Tang, 养心汤) and Suan Zao Ren Tang (酸枣仁汤) are tonic soups that nourish the Heart, soothe the nerves and calm the Mind.
Acupuncture and massages on the head and foot may help to enhance the Heart’s functions too.
• Replenish the Blood to the Heart
Various ingredients can be added into our daily diet to replenish the Blood to the Heart, such as Lotus Seeds (Lianzi, 莲子), Lotus Root (Lianou, 莲藕), Lily Bulbs (Baihe, 百合), Longan Fruits (Longyanrou, 龙眼肉), Red Dates (Hongzhao, 红枣), Codonopsis Root (Dangshen, 党参), Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归) and Poria (Fuling, 茯苓).
• Exercise to improve Qi and Blood circulation
Exercise helps to unblock the flow of Qi and Blood, and minimise the effects of stress on our mind and body. Tai Chi, yoga, and other forms of exercise that focus on breathing and meditation also help to move Qi. These exercises also help in calming the Mind and promoting relaxation.

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