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In this modern society, 
many people suffer from sub-health or ill-health 
as a result of heavy use or 
over-dependence on chemical drugs.
These drugs may trigger 
hypersensitivity reactions or 
lower the body's immune system. 

More and more people have taken 
advantage of the significant benefits 
of naturopathy, such as Acupuncture,
Moxibustion,Massage Therapy(Chinese TuiNa),
and Traditional Oriental herbs.

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment approach that has been used for more than 3,000 years. More and more people even celebrities are trying acupuncture.
Everywhere you turn; there are stories about celebrities getting acupuncture  cupping ( Cupping Therapy in Rio Olympics ) or Moxibustion etc. these ancient Chinese therapies. 
 Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. It has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for systemic disorders, alleviating pain, and more than hundred  other health conditions  which have been reviewed by  WHO(World Health Organization).

HEALING FROM THE ROOT,beyond treating symptoms...
So you can enjoy better health and well-being!
We take pride in making tremendous changes in our patients' life. 

Jarry Liu: R.Ac/RMT

Chinese Acupuncturist since 1989
Government Registered Acupuncturist
 Registered Massage Therapist of Ontario


Emily Fu(Student RMT)
Licensed holistic practitioner

Government registered by

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Our mission is to provide the public with 
affordable,high quality naturopathic treatment 
and to promote an alternative,holistic,
and complementary healing approach.

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How to Nourish our Liver in Spring- Oriental Health Regimen

Spring is liver's season, in TCM the Liver is the organ responsible for the smooth flow of emotions as well as Qi and blood. It is the organ that is most affected by excess stress or emotions. The Liver’s partner organ is the Gallbladder.

  • The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood in your body. It controls the volume and smooth flow of blood in your vessels and also stores the blood.
  • The eyes are the sensory organ related to the Liver. If you have any eye issues, including blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, it may be a sign deep down that your Liver is not functioning smoothly.
  • The tendons are the tissue associated with the Liver. TCM says that strength comes from the tendons, not muscles. Be like the cat that is strong, agile, and flexible, not the cow, which has huge muscles but little real strength.
  • The taste that corresponds to and supports the Liver is sour.If you crave sour foods, that may be your Liver communicating that it needs an extra boost, so be sure to include high-quality vinegar and sweet and sour recipes in your diet.
  • Anger is the emotion associated with the Liver. If you are often irritable, get angry easily, have trouble unwinding from the day’s activities, have trouble reasoning or going with the flow and letting things go, you are experiencing a Liver function problem. Experiencing these emotions chronically or excessively can seriously unbalance the function of your Liver..

When Liver Qi is imbalanced, hot and spicy foods may cause too much heat. Sour and bitter flavors are said to benefit the Liver meridian.  Excessive frustration and irritation can be especially difficult when the Liver meridian is out of balance. Physical exercise and reading can help restore balance. 
Common signs of Liver meridian stress include dry, brittle, thickened nails and pain just below the ribs. Common illnesses include migraines, eye problems, and sinus problems. The Liver meridian circles the genitals, and rashes and dischargesare associated with its imbalance, as well as hernias. For women, menstrual problems are common including PMS, painful periods, and heavy bleedingUterine fibroids may be related to imbalance of the Liver meridian as well. The Liver and Gallbladder meridian pathways traverse the top and sides of the head, the most common sites for migraine headaches.
The Qi of liver flourishes in the spring when plants are sprouting new growth. That's why Spring is the best time to treat the health conditions caused by liver Qi imbalanced.

Acupuncture treatment is a great option for Liver Qi imablanced. with Jarry's more than 30 years clinical experience, you will feel the difference. Feel free to book an appointment with Jarry online for FREE Consultation. or call  416-800-3978 to set up your first appointment.

Acupuncture treatment stop the persistent chronic hiccups

A hiccup is an involuntary spasmodic contraction of the muscle at the base of the lungs (diaphragm) followed by the rapid closure of the vocal cords. Usually, hiccups last for few minutes or a few hours or, occasionally, a day or two. However, chronic hiccups are ones that continue for an extended period of time. Episodes that last for more than two days are persistent hiccups.  

Hiccups that persist over a period of time may cause exhaustion and weight loss from lack of sleep and the interruption of normal eating patterns.
Hiccups occur in practically every human being, but chronic hiccups are very rare.

The cause of hiccups often is not known, but some of the triggers sometimes thought to cause them include : spicy foods, hot liquids, any disease or illness that irritates the nerves that control the diaphragm. 
For the persistent chronic hiccups,the conditions that may lead to intractable hiccups  include but are not limited to: brain lesions, tumors, intestinal diseases, liver or kidney disorders or uremic poisoning. Chronic hiccups may be caused by surgery or the drugs used during surgery. In some cases, a cause is not identified. After all checked out if your doctor tell you that it seems nothing wrong. The best treatment option for persistent chronic hiccups is acupuncture. A 60 year-old gentleman who with the persistent non-stop hiccups for couple weeks came to see Jarry for acupuncture treatmentlast last Monday, and his severe hiccups was gone after one session acupuncture treatment. Everybody's conditions are different, so it doesn't mean one session acupuncture treatment will stop all the hiccups. Some conditions may not suitable for acupuncture treatment. Better check with your acupuncturist first before the acupuncture treatment. If you are looking for an experienced acupuncturist ,please feel free to call Oriental Acupuncture Clinic at 416-800-3978 or book an appointment online with Jarry at www.Oclinic.ca

Acupuncture for tough pain reviews on google

In 2018, this young man who loves sports couldn't accept the fact that he had to deal with the Costochondritis pain all the time  and he couldn't play basketball etc. sports anymore.
His mother (one of Jarry's patients) told him to come to see Jarry and try acupuncture. He was  thrilled when he got pain free after 5 sessions acupuncture treaments and he's able to play his basketball again.

For more patients' 100% 5 stars reviews for Jarry: 
please check  Oriental Acupuncture & Massage Clinic Scarborough or Acupuncture & Massage Clinic Markham  on google.

Acupuncture TCM for Heart Health & Lower Cholesterol

The risk of heart attack rises in winter.

Cold weather can increase blood pressure and raise cholesterol levels—two key risk factors for heart attack. It can also make blood more likely to form heart-threatening clots.So it is very important to take care of your heart health and look at the ways to lower cholesterol in the cold winter!
One out of every two men and one out of every three women will develop heart disease sometime in their life.  About 2.4 million Canadian aged 20 years and older live with ischemic heart disease. Heart disease is also the second leading cause of death in Canada.
Research has clearly shown that lowering cholesterol can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Whether you have heart disease already or want to prevent it, you can reduce your risk for having a heart attack by lowering your cholesterol level.
Make sure your cholesterol is being monitored and find out how acupuncture and Traditional herbal medicine can help you stay healthy.

Reduce Risk with TCM

In TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) , the three major different causes of High Cholesterol: 1.Spleen wet; 2.Liver depression, 3.Kidney deficiency. So for each individual, the treatment will be different, all depend on the TCM diagnosis result for each patient.

At Oriental Acupuncture Clinic,

Acupuncturecupping, moxibustion or herbal medicine all can be used to treat the high cholesterol condition.

Acupuncture can be used to treat many of the health conditions that are known to drastically increase the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

Here are a few of the risk factors that can be addressed with acupuncture:
* Smoking
* High Blood Pressure
* Excess weight
* Diabetes

Herbal Medicine

Several Chinese herbs and herbal formulas are used to lower cholesterol levels:

  • Shan Zha (Fructus Crataegi) also known as Hawthorn berry, have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

  • Reishi mushroom: In addition to lowering blood pressure, Reishi can improve overall circulation, lower inflammation that worsens heart problems, and prevent clogged arteries or high cholesterol levels.


    • Ginkgo biloba benefits range from improving blood flow, brain power and eyesight. However, it is primarily a circulatory herb used for treating vascular diseases. Ginkgo Biloba is also useful in lowering the risk of atherosclerosisthrombosis and heart attack since it may help remove plaque from the arteries, neutralize free radicals, prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol and platelet aggregation.

      • Turmeric increases the population of receptors for LDL (low-density lipoprotein or “bad”) cholesterol in the liver. This effect directly increases the breakdown of LDL cholesterol and the reduction of blood cholesterol levels.In addition, the antioxidant effect of turmeric inhibits lipid peroxidation and prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.This is important for cardiovascular health because oxidized LDL cholesterol is responsible for the clogging and thickening of the arteries.Lastly, turmeric can also improve cardiovascular health by its anti-platelet action. By preventing platelets from sticking together, turmeric prevents blood clot formation and can, therefore, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


        Most herbal medicines are a blend of herbs specifically chosen for each individual. Please talk to your practitioner about which herbal formulas and supplements for high cholesterol and heart health are right for you.

        Causes of High Cholesterol

        Three nutrients in your diet make LDL ("bad" cholesterol) levels rise:
        * Saturated fat, a type of fat found mostly in foods that come from animals
        * Trans fat, found mostly in foods made with hydrogenated oils and fats such as stick margarine,
        * Cholesterol, which comes only from animal products.
        Learn how to read a food label - Choose foods that are low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol.

        Excess weight tends to increase your LDL level. Also, it typically raises triglycerides, a fatty substance in the blood and in food and lowers HDL. Losing the extra pounds may help lower your LSL and triglycerides, while raising your HDL.

        Physical Inactivity
        Being physically inactive contributes to overweight and can raise LDL and lower HDL. Regular physical activity can raise HDL and lower triglycerides, and can help you lose weight and, in that way, help lower your LDL.
        Participate in physical activity of moderate intensity—like brisk walking—for at least 30 minutes on most, and preferably all, days of the week. No time? Break the 30 minutes into three, 10-minute segments during the day.

        Don't smoke. If you do smoke, our acupuncturist:Jarry Liu can help you quit.

        Your Cholesterol Level

        You can have high cholesterol and not realize it. Most of people with high cholesterol have no symptoms. So it's important to have your blood cholesterol levels checked. All adults age 20 and older should have their cholesterol levels checked at least once every 5 years. If you have elevated cholesterol, you'll need to have it tested more often.

        Setting your Goal
        The main goal in treating high cholesterol is to lower your LDL level. Studies have proven that lowering LDL can prevent heart attacks and reduce deaths from heart disease in both men and women.

        Total Cholesterol
        Less that 200 mg/dL - Desirable
        200-239 mg/dL - Borderline high
        240 mg/dL and above - High

        LDL Cholesterol
        Less than 100 mg/dL - Optimal (ideal)
        100-129 mg/dL - Near optimal/ above optimal
        130-159 mg/dL - Borderline high
        160-189 mg/dL - High
        190 mg/dL and above - Very high

        HDL Cholesterol
        Less than 40 mg/dL Major heart disease risk factor
        60 mg/dL and above - Gives some protection against heart disease

        Health Tips, Foods and supplements for High Cholesterol

        *Simply increase you intake of fiber-rich foods such as oatmeal, whole grains, fruits(like apples), vegetables(like Spinach) , legumes (beans, soybeans). Instead of drinking coffee, drinking green tea is beneficial for many conditions and ailments, and LDL cholesterol is no exception. Drink one cup of green tea daily and you may find that your high LDL cholesterol levels will say their final farewell. 

        * Soy products help lower cholesterol levels due to their isoflavone content.

        * Include garlic, onions, avocados, salmon, almonds and walnuts in your diet.

        * Omega-3 oils such as flax seed oil and fish oil helps lower cholesterol.

        * Copper and chromium are minerals that have been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

        So except taking acupuncture , cupping or Chinese herbal medicine. Treating patients with very high cholesterol who also simply needed a change to their diet and lifestyle to improve their health. Keep in mind that this change in diet does not have to be an all-or-nothing overhaul of deprivation and starvation. If you have high cholesterol, start simple:

        Take an apple daily: As with beans, apples are an excellent source of LDL-lowering soluble fiber, primarily pectin. Research published in December 2014 in the European Journal of Nutrition also shows that eating an apple a day (or better yet, two) can slow the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

        Bean sprout: Mung bean sprouts are an excellent source of lecithin which, besides lowering blood cholesterol levels, helps reduce liver fat.

         Onions: Study shows that flavonoids in onions reduced the low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad”cholesterol in obese people at risk of heart disease.

        Jarry Liu: Chinese Acupuncturist more than 30 years clinical experience. Looking for a reputable acupuncturist, feel free to send message to Jarry@OrientalAcupuncture.ca for FREE Consultation or call 416-800-3978 to set up an appointment.

        Acupuncture for different types of health conditions - Reviewed by WHO

        The use of acupuncture has been shown to effectively treat many types of conditions. In 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a report called “Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials.” Below you will see a list of the conditions mentioned in the report.

        Psychological Conditions
        Neurological Conditions
        Musculo-skeletal Conditions
        • Muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness
        • Localized traumatic injuries, sprains, strains, tendinitis, contractures
        • Arthritis
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Work and sports related injuries
        • Low back and/or neck strain
        • Osteoarthritis
        • “Frozen shoulder”, “tennis elbow”
        • Sciatica
        Respiratory System Conditions
        • Acute sinusitis
        • Acute rhinitis
        • Common cold and allergies*
        • Acute tonsillitis
        • Acute bronchitis
        • Bronchial asthma

        Conditions of the Eye, Ear, Nose & Mouth
        • Acute conjunctivitis
        • Central retinitis
        • Myopia (in children)
        • Cataract (without complications)
        • Toothaches, post extraction pain
        • Gingivitis
        • Acute and chronic pharyngitis
        Gastrointestinal Conditions
        Gynecological Conditions
        Cardiovascular Conditions
        Other Conditions
        • Withdrawal from street and pharmacological drugs
        • Appetite suppression
        Healing from the root, beyond treating symptoms.
        So you can experience greater health and well-being!

        With Jarry's 30 years clinical experience, you will feel the difference.