6 tips for TCM Autumn Health Preservation

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Fall has a nature all its own: it is the season where the dynamic, warming, and active Yang energy of the summer wanes into the more structured, cooler, and introspective Yin phase of the year as we prepare for Winter. Autumn is associated with the Metal element and Lungs which govern the skin, respiratory system, immunity, and the emotions of grief/sadness.

The Fall is also dominated by dryness and wind which can attack the Lung, leading to common symptoms such as a scratchy throat, a dry nose, chapped lips, dry cough, etc. To protect the body from these factors, preventative health for Fall focuses on warming and strengthening the body.

So as the temperature drops, leaves change, and cold-season abounds, here are some ways to stay healthy this Fall according to TCM:

Tip no.1: Promote blood circulation by Combing Hair and Rubbing Ears
In the autumn the yang energy is reduced, people tend to feel depressed and fatigue. Combing hair by fingers can dredge the meridians of the head, promote blood circulation, keep the mind clear, and help eliminate fatigue. At the same time, rubbing ears with hands, which will also help reduce fatigue.

Tip no.2: Strengthen heart and lungs by Deep Breathing or Practice Baduanjin Qikong

The main purpose of health preservation is to nourish the lungs, while Chinese medicine believes that the lungs govern qi. Every morning, you can practice breathing and respiration or Baduanjin, and also go out to breathe fresh air frequently during break, which can promote blood circulation and maintain good respiratory system function. In addition, moderate exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function.

Tip no.3: Keep bowel movement by rubbing belly
Massage the abdomen clockwise with the palm of hand, which can help digestion, eliminate siltation, replenish qi and strengthen the body, and prevent autumn dryness and constipation. In addition, when getting up every morning, you must remember to have regular bowel movements. People with constipation can drink more lemon honey water. Because the temperature drops in autumn, the metabolism slows down, and toxins tend to stay in the body. Regular bowel movements can help detoxify and reduce the burden on the body.

Tip no. 4: Have foot bath every night before go to bed

With the temperature drops in the fall, the blood circulation slows down, and it is easy to get cold hands and feet. Therefore, people with cold body may wish to use pepper water or ginger water to soak their feet at night to warm the meridians and collaterals to remove cold; after the foot bath, they can also massage the soles of the feet to clear the meridians, eliminate turbidity, relieve fatigue, promote sleep, and vomit the cold. Superb!

Tip no.5: Enjoy Warm-cooked Food and Soup
Warm pear soup with honey and ginger can moisturize dryness, nourish yin, so it helps strengthen our lungs, and relief the common symptoms in the fall such as scratchy throat, a dry nose, chapped lips, and dry cough.

Tip no.6: Get Acupuncture & Herbs Preventatively

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation, release endorphins, promote circulation while restoring the proper functioning or energy (called “Qi") to your body’s systems. Acupuncture and herbs help to alleviate sinus pressure, stop headaches, reduce allergies, clear phlegm, relieve cough and strengthen the Lungs.

Conclusion: Traditional Chinese Medicine  has a lot of knowledge about health preservation and health care, and the most important thing is to be able to persist in it . The above tips are simple and practical. They can be maintained from the feet to enhance one's righteousness and make autumn regimen no longer complicated.