【Case Report】A Woman with 17-Year History of Facial Paralysis Bell's Palsy Cured by Acupuncture

Case reported by Jarry Liu
A Woman with 17-Year History of Facial Paralysis has been cured by Acupuncture treatments.

 I got a new patient  told me that he is referred by a lady, who had Facial Paralysis or Bell's Palsy for 17 years totally recovered after 12 sessions acupuncture treatments. She has been so happy and grateful for that and refer her friends to come to see me. 

This lady is about 55 years old, in the last 17 years, she never stop trying different kind of treatments for her facial paralysis, including medication, physiotherapy, herbal also acupuncture, but nothing  working for her. 

Her right side eye and lips were dropped downward at the first time, it was worse when speaking or smiling. After 2 courses acupuncture treatments, her eye and lips back to normal.
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