【Case Report】Acupuncture and Moxibution Treatment for Wart Removal

My husband got a 1cm big and 0.5cm high wart on his left leg for almost 1 year. He  has used at lease 6 tubes of the Compound W® Wart Removal Gel from Walmart, it helped the wart went down a little bit, but the wart kept growing back. He also tried Freeze off, it didn't work very well either. So finally he let me do the Moxibution treatment for him. and the result shows below. 

For the wart removal, at Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, our therapists combine acupunture and moxibution treatment. It will take one course which is 6-8 treatment sections to get rid of the small or medium size wart. If the wart size is big, it might need another course treatment.After the acupuncture and moxibution treatments the wart will be gone completely and it won't grow back again, unlike the other treatments such as laser, freeze off or wart remove gel etc. it usually grow back very quick. Acupuncture treatment for the wart removal, it is not just simply remove the wart, it also change your body condition to a better level and improve your immune system, so that the wart won't grow back again. 

Wart is caused by HPV, check more info about HPV here 

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