Cupping Makes Weight Loss Easy

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1. What is cupping therapy?
Cupping therapy is an ancient and effective modality widely used in traditional Chinese medicine over thousands of years in China. The Cup is usually made from bamboo, glass or plastic. Traditionally, by quickly heating the inside of the cup with fire, suction is created on the skin and the cup will adhere to the skin for 15-20 minutes. With the suction, the negative pressure in the cup stimulates the local acupuncture point; to increase qi and blood flow through the meridian, to loosen up local tight muscles, to relieve pain, to detoxify, and to re-balance the relative organ function.
2. How does it help weight control?
For weight control, we usually apply 20-30 different sized cups to the back and front of the body (including arms, body trunk, legs) to stimulate 14 meridians such as Ren, kidney, stomach, spleen, lung, heart, liver, gallbladder, Dai, large intestine, small intestine, Sanjiao, and pericardia. This helps re-balance those organs’ functions, remove water retention, control craving, relieve stress and anxiety, promote bowel movement, detoxify, and, finally, increase body metabolism rates, to decrease weight.
3. Are there any side effects from cupping therapy?
Generally there are no side effects. Most commonly, it may leave temporary cup marks on the skin, which usually happens in the first one or two treatment sessions. The marks will gradually subside and disappear within one to two weeks. Clients who are taking blood thinners or are prone to bleeding are not suitable candidates for cupping therapy. Occasionally the cupping therapy may cause a skin blister if the treatment time is longer than 30 minutes. If a blister occurs, the therapist will simply remove the liquid by sterilized needle and bandage. It may take one week to heal.
4. Does it work effectively and successfully?
Yes!  The average rate of weight loss is one pound per session, 10 to 30 pounds after 10 sessions. Some people may respond more quickly than others.
5. Do I need diet control during cupping weight control?
Yes. We provide a very simple diet guideline, with enough nutrients and energy to guide clients in eating a healthy and balanced diet, to help control weight and achieve their goals.
6. Do I need exercises to help weight control?
Not necessarily! But a proper exercise program will help to achieve goals and promote health. We don’t recommend clients make weight control dependant on an exercise program, because if the client stops exercising, they will gain the weight back quickly.
7. Do I gain weight back after cupping treatment?
No. As long as you follow the diet menu guidance, you will maintain a healthy weight.
8. How much weight could be lost by cupping therapy?
This depends on individual goal, Average  10 to 30 pounds after 10 sessions treatments. This may not seem like a lot compared to crash dieting, but it certainly is a more balanced and holistic health approach. It may take 1-2 years to lose all the weight you’d like, but the odds are that you will keep it off if you do it in a gradual and balanced way. This is not a diet; it is living and being healthy forever.
9. How many sessions do I need for the treatment? How long is each session?
10 sessions are required in the first 10 days, and then 2-3 sessions per week after that. For maintenance treatment, once a week or bi-weekly is acceptable. A session takes about 60 minutes.
One-hour single session: $75/hour   Ten sessions: $700

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