Professional Cupping Treatment for Cervical Syndrome

Cervical Spondylosis, also known as cervical syndrome , One of the causes is cervical disc 
degeneration and osteoarthritis, spinal cord compression of the neck or cervical nerve root caused by ( mostly occurs in the cervical 5-6 ,  6-7 and 4-5 ) ; the other is due to the long period of the neck and upper extremities under a specific posture , lack of systemic activity , so that both sides of the cervical muscles , loss of balance ligament tension.

Slower onset of cervical disease , the main clinical manifestations of the head, neck , shoulders, back and upper limbs and other parts of intractable pain and numbness positioning , when to sleep , looked up or down too long or neck rotation degree when symptoms get worse or repeated shrink. Current cervical spondylosis are more a major change from the previous number of cases to the age of onset , often with long-term bow desk and computer work on , young people usually physiological cervical bending straight and disc space narrowing , thereby often leads to dizziness , headache , back muscle pain, intercostal neuralgia , upper extremity numbness , difficulty in sleeping , haggard face, vision loss , memory loss and so on.

TCM believes that this disease usually caused by kidney deficiency , so Wei Yang is not solid , the wind cold dampness evil took the opportunity to attack , so that the blood runs sluggish, meridian block, appears cervical stiffness, lead to arthralgia . Generally divided into : Solar meridian unfavorable disease; cold Blockage of disease; blood stasis disease; phlegm blocking disease and liver and kidney deficiency syndrome.

All-natural green therapy - vacuum cupping treatment as a traditional Chinese medicine wonderful work , especially for neck type , nerve root, carotid type have a very good effect. Vacuum cupping therapy treatment of the above type of syndromes the cure rate is 99 %. The principle is the suction vacuum cupping pulling through specific points of the cervical spine ( such as Dazhui, Jianjing , etc.) , will flood the interior points in the cervical lesion wind cold dampness evil and congestion , etc., the fur will be sucked out through this virtuous improve body function , balance of yin and yang , rousing, clear the meridians , promoting blood circulation , dehumidification by cold , qi and soothe the nerves , coordination organs . One of the computer syndromes cases, IT practitioners Mr. Guo , due to the long hours work at the computer , deep cervical and lumbar pain, and sometimes upper extremity numbness , sleep is not good. Mr. After different type of cupping and a course of intensive treatment on his neck and shoulder, his neck back pain quickly disappeared , and sleep quality also improved a lot.

Because of the overall effect of vacuum cupping treatment , so for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder , low back pain and knee pain , cupping has been one of the best ways. It can quickly reduce pain , received immediate results.

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全天然的绿色疗法--真空罐疗作为中国传统医学的一朵奇葩,特别对颈型、神经根型、颈动脉型有非常好的疗效。真空罐疗治疗以上类型的疾病治愈率为99%。原理是真空拔罐时通过吸拔特定的颈椎穴位 (如大椎、肩井等),将充斥在颈椎病灶穴位内部的风寒湿邪和淤血等,经皮毛吸将出来,通过这种良性提高机体功能,平衡阴阳,扶正祛邪,疏通经络,活血化瘀,除湿逐寒,行气安神,协调脏腑。我们日常所见的电脑病就是一例。日前,IT从业者郭先生来求诊-由于长期在电脑前工作十几个钟头,深感颈椎和腰部疼痛,有时上肢麻木,睡眠也不好。经在郭先生的颈肩部走罐,留罐及强化治疗一个疗程后,他的颈腰部疼痛迅速消失,而且睡眠质量也提高了许多。


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