Cupping Treatment Cures for INSOMNIA 真空罐疗治疗失眠的原理和一些临床病例

Sleep is a physiological phenomenon and mental processes necessary for human life activities . Insomnia is very common in clinical practice , sleep disorders are common, can be treated as a single disease , but also can be accompanying condition occurs in many diseases . Most insomnia is not due to human organs have organic disease , usually due to organ dysfunction . Chinese medicine believes that the main pathogenesis of insomnia are organs function imbalance of yin and yang , blood loss , caused uneasy or mind dystrophy.

From the onset insomnia crowd should be divided into two age groups, young adult and elderly groups. The cause of insomnia for young and middle age are mainly mental factors and living without the law factors. Mental factors mainly in the usual ideological burden too heavy , too much stress , wear and tear caused by liver qi stagnation human blood , mind dystrophy and insomnia. Clinical manifestations: impetuous , irritability , depression or anxiety. Living without the law manifestations : usually overeating, often stays up late , over-eating high calorie , high fat, high protein foods, lack of exercise , to make the stomach too heavy burden , affecting the normal digestion and conduction caused by smoldering , leading to excess body heat , injuries gas consumption of blood , loss of blood to nourish the mind and insomnia. Clinical manifestations : dry mouth, mouth pain , constipation , then thin, dark urine , bad breath , dreams, dizziness upset hot like.

Elderly Insomnia mainly due to the organs function decline: slow blood circulation , lack of blood , liver and kidney, brain ischemia cause atherosclerosis insomnia . Clinically qi deficiency , blood deficiency , blood stasis is the main pathological ; performance difficult to sleep, light sleep , wake up and then it is difficult to fall back sleep, sporadic sleep , accompanied by nocturnal enuresis, chills, heart palpitations , dizziness , constipation, anorexia and high blood lipids, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and so on.

Vacuum cupping therapy can help qi and blood, yin and yang balance , repose nourishing the heart blood circulation, lowering blood pressure , strengthening the cerebral circulation , enhance immunity , adjust the endocrine , effectively treat insomnia at different ages . Patient satisfaction rate 97%.

Case I : Ms. Shi , 75 years old , headache, dizziness, cold hands and feet , nocturia 6-7 times , bad breath, constipation , high blood lipids . after half course (5 times) treatment the symptoms disappeared , nocturia occasionaly. After a course of treatment ( one month after the blood ) and triglyceride by the 2.80 mmol / l to 1.95 mmol / liter. So far 10 months has been maintained therapeutic effect.

Case II :Mr. Mei , aged 43 , headache, dizziness, constipation , yellow urine, insomnia, dreams and more , easy to wake up , back heavy , tired all day , reflecting the slow , inattentive , impatient . After four treatments the symptoms disappear , a steady up to now has been more than a year after treatment.

Case III: Ms. Wei 45 years old, because of the heavy psychological burden, nervousness , many years suffering from severe insomnia . She could only rely on medication to maintain 5-6 hours of sleep a day. so She came for cupping treatment. On her back and chest meridians and associated  acupoints using walking cups and leaving cups , as well as some of the relevant points of intensive therapy , suck out a lot of congestion and yellow water . After the first day of treatment , although Ms. Wei felt whole body relaxed , but still difficult to sleep. Since the treatment had opened up the meridians , but the heart and the part of the brain has not been supplied adequate blood yet , it will be difficult in a deep sleep in 12-24 hours , until the mental get used to such changes and to strike a balance , then miracle will happen. The next day, Miss Wei got ​​the corresponding vacuum cupping treatment . That night and the next day Ms. Wei had ten several hours of continuous sleep . Since then the body and heart was clear and fresh , full of energy . She can normally get enough sleep 7-8 hours a day. This is undoubtedly the gospel for the patients with insomnia .

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