Leg cramps are common, many people expereince it occasionally, ederly people and pregnant women have higher risk to develop this issue.

When leg cramps happen, it is not so fun,expecially at night time, it could be so annoying to wake you up at midnight and it is also so painful, sometimes it goes away quick but sometimes it could last for a while. 

Here is the simple home remedy that Traditional Chiese Medicine Practitioners or TCM Doctors will recommend: Drink a cup of cane suger water. It will soothe the cramps pain right away. For night leg cramps, you can drink it before bedtime, and it will prevent the night leg cramps.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), leg cramps are muscle and tendon problems which have both external and internal origins. Since liver stores blood and rules tendons, spleen dominates limbs and rules muscles, and kidney rules bones. When these organs are weakened, that fail to nourish the muscles and tendons, there will be abnormal movements in the limbs. Meanwhile, when external pathogens like coldness and dampness or sports injuries further disturb the blood and qi (vital energy) activities in the legs, muscle cramps will be induced. Furthermore, the body's blood tend to flow back to the liver for storage at night, less blood flows to the muscles and tendons, and so leg cramps are more readily to occur during sleep.

Acupressure Massage for Leg Cramps

Acupressure or massage involves applying various manipulations to stimulate the soft tissues, stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints, which can promote blood circulation and remove stagnations, restore impaired soft tissues and correct bone and joint deformities. Massage can relax muscles and tendons, reduce pain and soreness, speed up the recovery process and help feel better. Acupressure Massage is an effective home remedy for relieving and preventing leg cramps.

3 Acupressure Points for Leg Cramps

1. Hold in fist, rub on the center of the soles to warm it up;
2. Press and knead on the 3 acupressure points: Weizhong (Bl 40),  Chengshan (Bl 57), Kunlun (Bl 60). Use the thumb to knead forcefully on each point for 30 seconds;
3. Pad the calf muscle: put all the fingers together and slightly flex the palm, then pat on the calf muscles gently for 1 minute;
4. Squeeze and roll the calf muscles with both hands, begin at the ankle and move 

In most cases, leg cramps are occasional and harmless. However, when your leg cramps keep coming back, interfering with your daily life or sleep, you should consult your doctor or healthcare provider to rule out any potential health problem. 

3 Acupuncture points for leg cramps

Acupuncture can effectively suppress hyperactive muscles, and are usually used for treating muscle cramps. In TCM, leg cramps is mainly due to coldness stimulation as well as improper blood and qi activities of the legs, acupuncture can play a role to promote circulation, loosen the tendons, alleviate cramps and ease pain.

3 most common Acupuncture points for leg cramps: Houxi (SI 3),Yanglingquan (GB 34) and Zusanli (ST 36).
TCM acupuncture cupping massage or hebal medicine treatment for leg cramps aims to reinforce internal organs, free the activities of blood and qi, nourish and loosen muscles and tendons of the legs. The remedies are chosen according to individual conditions, our TCM acupuncturists or TCM pratitioners will identify the symptoms and body signs of each patient to diagnose the body imbalances and give each individual a custom tailored treatment solutions. Looking for licensed and experienced TCM acupuncturists or TCM herbalist feel free to call Oriental Ensure Acupuncture Clinic at 416-800-3978 or book an appointment online.

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