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With the new Ontario COVID-19 Enhanced Protocols currently in effect at the clinic, you are requested to wear a mask while in the clinic. Please also wear loose clothing. IN ADDITION, for the safety of everyone, you must self pre-screen prior to your appointment:

If you or your household family members are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • a fever ( 37.5 °C or above)
  • cough,
  • runny nose,
  • sore throat,
  • back or whole body ache
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

If yes, ***AVOID COMING TO THE CLINIC and Reschedule.  Thank you!

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment approach that has been used for more than 3,000 years. More and more people even celebrities are trying acupuncture.
Everywhere you turn; there are stories about celebrities getting acupuncture  cupping ( Cupping Therapy in Rio Olympics ) or Moxibustion etc. these ancient Chinese therapies. 
Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for systemic disorders, alleviating pain, and more than hundred  other health conditions  which have been reviewed by  WHO(World Health Organization).

HEALING FROM THE ROOT,beyond treating symptoms...
So you can enjoy better health and well-being!
We take pride in making tremendous changes in our patients' life. 

Jarry Liu: R.Ac/RMT

Chinese Acupuncturist since 1989
Government Registered Acupuncturist
 Registered Massage Therapist of Ontario

Specializes in
  • Neurological conditions: Headache, Vertigo,Insomnia,Depression, Anxiety,Cerebral paralysis,Facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy), Hemipiegia,Epilepsy,Seizures,Dementia(AD), PD,ADHD etc.
  • Reproductive health conditions: Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual disorder,Menopause syndrome,Endometriosis,Impotence
  • Pain conditions: Neck pain, shoulder pain, Sciatica pain, Nerve pain, Low back pain, Join pain, feet pain,ankle pain,wrist elbow pain 
  • Digestive conditions: Stomach ache, Acid reflux,constipation,disrrhea,Gallstones, Diabetes II 
  • Other health conditions: Tumor control, Wart remove, Weight control, Quit drug/smoking Chronic fatigue syndrome
Jarry offers top Chinese acupuncture treatments for above health conditions,with his more than 30 years clinical experience, you will feel the difference.

Michael Liang(R.AC/R.TCMP)
Government Registered Acupuncturist
Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Specializes in 
  • Respiratory conditions: Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD, Flu / Covid prevention and treatments
  • Reproductive health conditions: Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual disorder,Menopause syndrome,Endometriosis,Impotence
  • Pain conditions: Neck pain, shoulder pain, Sciatica pain, Nerve pain, Low back pain, Join pain, feet pain,ankle pain,wrist elbow pain 
  • Digestive conditions: Stomach ache, Acid reflux,constipation,disrrhea,Gallstones, Diabetes II 
  • Other health conditions: Tumor control,  Weight control, Chronic fatigue syndrome,Obesity, Anxiety & Insomnia, Eczema,Acne etc. skin conditions
 Michael offers both professional Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for above health conditions

Cannis C.(R.Ac)
Government Registered Acupuncturist 
Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin
Specializes in Cosmetic acupuncture and women healthcare
includes Menstrual disorder, Infertility, PMS, Menopause,
Symptomatic uterine myoma / Fibroids,
Digestive disorder, any pain condition, weight management etc.

 Licensed Holistic Practitioner 
8+ Years  Clinical experience
Graduated from Registered Massage Therapy Program of the College of Traditional Chinese  Medicine and Pharmacology Canada 

Main areas of specialization
Cupping Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Head massage
Facial Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Aroma Therapy


                      Registered by

Treatments maybe covered by your health
insurance providers,Car insurance or WSIB. 

 We offer direct billing to 20 major insurers:  

Our mission is to provide the public with 
affordable,high quality naturopathic treatment 
and to promote an alternative,holistic,
and complementary healing approach.

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Cosmetic acupuncture reduce the signs of aging

Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It is not new. It has been used in China for over two thousand years. Tiny, sterile, needles are inserted along meridian lines and acupuncture points to increases blood circulation. The face receives an increase of blood to nourish, oxygenate, and moisturize the skin from the inside out. Cosmetic acupuncture also stimulates the production of collagen, which gives skin a tight, firm look.

“ A 1996 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases treated with Cosmetic Acupuncture, 90% had marked effects with one course of treatment. The effects included: the skin became delicate, improvement of elasticity of facial muscles, ruddier complexion, and overall rejuvenation. "

Cosmetic acupuncture is suitable for anyone who wants to be healthier and look younger. It is also good for clients who have had Botox or injectable fillers. The results from these other treatments will be improved and last longer, as circulation, muscle tone and skin clarity increases with regular treatments.

The initial course of treatment is between 10-12 sessions, 1-2 times a week for the best results. Each individual will respond to the treatment differently depending on their age and lifestyle. Visible results will generally be noticeable after 6-8 sessions. Maintenance may be needed once a month.

Oriental cosmetic acupuncture treatment includes:

1.Initial consultation, including a discussion of your medical history and condition, diet and lifestyle and the application of Chinese medicine theory

2.Combining acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and Cupping facial lift to balance your skin from the inside out. Treating all kinds of skin problems, such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea and eczema

3.Facial massage with pure essential oil leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and well protected.

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How Does Acupuncture Help in Weight Loss

 Acupuncture can help with weight loss by 

  • Regulating neuroendocrine function;
  • Improving the metabolism;
  • Optimizing digestion;
  • Reducing inflammation;
  • Suppressing the appetite;
  • Lessening water retention;

Reduces Appetite

Leptin and ghrelin are the hunger hormones in the body; ghrelin tells the body that it is hungry, while leptin tells the body that it is full. Acupuncture can modulate the levels of these hormones to reduce appetite and curb overeating and snacking habits. 

Improves Digestion

Using points along with the stomach and kidney channel systems, it is possible to improve the function of the digestive system, which can increase the number of nutrients absorbed by the body. By improving digestion and gut health, one can address symptoms such as constipation and bloating, as well as other gastrointestinal issues that lead to weight gain.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation in the gut, muscles and other tissues of the body can slow down the metabolism which can strain the immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. By modulating inflammation and regulating the immune response of the body, acupuncture for weight loss can reduce oxidative stress and optimize weight loss.

Reduces Fluid Retention

By stimulating the endocrine system, acupuncture is able to help reduce fluid retention in the body. 

Hormone Production

When hormone levels are out of balance, many body systems can be negatively impacted, from digestion and cognition to healing and immune function. Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs, is highly effective in balancing hormone levels, particularly for perimenopausal women who have experienced abdominal weight gain. 

Boosts Metabolism

Acupuncture is able to stimulate the thyroid and pituitary glands, which are key players in relation to metabolism. By stimulating these endocrine glands, acupuncture can increase baseline metabolism to improve fat-burning, making exercise and daily activities more effective, resulting in more calories burned and potential weight loss. 

Improves Mood

Acupuncture is able to induce the release of endorphins in the body, which are feel-good hormones that can reduce stress and anxiety. Many people overeat when they have high levels of stress hormones or are feeling overwhelmed. Acupuncture can help to eliminate those urges. 

Benefits of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

One of the best reasons to use acupuncture for weight loss is that it is able to provide long-lasting relief without the need for crash diets, invasive surgery, dietary medications, or excessive exercise. It requires a small amount of energy, a moderate amount of time, and a willingness to trust in traditional medicine. Acupuncture helps to align the body with your weight-loss goals, namely through its effects on metabolism, inflammation, and hormones, but it doesn’t replace the need to eat properly and exercise regularly. 

For summer weight loss, we also have cupping massage or soft acupuncture options available, call 416-800-3978 for free consultation or set up your first appointment. 

9 Amazing Benefits of Cupping Massage

What's Cupping?

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Cupping is a safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy alone.

From Olympic athletes to pregnant pop-stars, people are rediscovering the benefits of cupping. Maybe you’ve even seen people at your gym or swimming pool with those tell-tale dark red circle marks on their backs and shoulders. It’s becoming more common for people to request cupping to relieve chronic muscle soreness. But did you know that cupping can be used to treat many other complaints?

1. Cupping stimulate the flow of fresh blood and increase  blood circulation

The suction from the cups increases circulation to the area where the cups are placed. The additional blood flow to that area can help relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair. Increasing circulation with cupping also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

2. Cupping Massage helps remove toxin from your body

Yes, you do have organs that remove toxins from your blood. But the modern lifestyle overloads your body with toxins. Cupping gives your body a boost in releasing those toxins. Focused blood flow helps your body by flushing built-up toxins through the lymphatic system. (Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating your body’s toxins and waste.)

3. Cupping Massage reduces stress 

When your therapist glides the cups across your skin, your parasympathetic nervous system engages. This promotes deep relaxation to move through your entire body. (Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for slowing your heart rate, assisting in digestion, and increasing intestinal and gland activity.)

4. Cupping Massage reduce stretch marks and scars

Increased blood flow enables your body to dispose of toxins, restores lymphatic circulation, and helps remove edema (excess fluid), which helps reduce the appearance of scarring. Studies have shown the positive effects of cupping on stretch marks and scars even in areas that are far from the area where the cups are applied.

5. Cupping Massage improve varicose veins

Varicose veins look like bulging, bluish veins just under your skin, usually on legs and feet. They happen when the valves inside the vein aren’t working properly—the valves don’t effectively push the blood from the muscle back to the heart, so the blood congests and the veins twist and bulge. Cupping helps by bringing fresh blood flow and oxygen back to the problem areas. You’ll notice your varicose veins appear lighter after your first session, though it will take a series of cupping sessions for lasting results. 

6. Cupping clear congestion and help treat asthma

Congestion (the buildup of fluid or phlegm in your lungs) caused by a cold, bronchitis, or even asthma can be treated with cupping. The suction from cups breaks up and expels congestion. It brings oxygen rich blood and lymph toward your lungs and your other respiratory muscles. Cups are usually placed on your back, but may be placed on your chest as well. Your therapist may leave the cups in place, or may gently glide them in an upward motion to facilitate the movement of the lymph fluid. Facial cupping can also be used to help unblock your sinuses.

7. Cupping Massage helps digestion disorder

Cupping helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow to the digestive tract. Gentle cupping over the abdomen also stimulates the insides of your digestive organs. It aids in peristalsis (contractions that push food through your digestive tract), helps clear colon blockages, encourages blood and body-fluid to move through your organs, and helps relieve indigestion.

8. A Way of Relaxation

Cupping Massage acts as a form of massage that provides relaxation. The energy and blood flow created due to cupping massage is a great form of relaxation.  

9. Faster healing and help boost immune function

Cupping Massage remove toxin from the body and stimulate  the flow of fresh blood  lymph to the affected area and throughout the body and faster the healing process.There's really no downside to trying alternative practices like cupping massage, since studies show they can help boost immune function and speed up healing  process without the use of any medications or even herbs.

Wondering if cupping could work for you?

Give us a call or ask your therapist during your next acupuncture or massage session. Our therapists have been trained and certified in safe and effective cupping techniques. You can choose to have a cupping-only session, or add cupping on to your therapeutic massage or acupuncture treatment.

Book online with our licensed therapists  or call 416-800-3978 to set up the appointments.

3 Common Acupuncture or Acupressure Points for Tinnitus ( Ringing in the ears )

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine provide relief for patients with tinnitus. Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital researchers conclude that acupuncture plus topical herbal medicine reduces the severity of tinnitus with a total effective rate of 93.5%

Acupressure can reduce tinnitus symptoms by applying pressure to specific points on the body. The following are the commonly used acupressure points for tinnitus that you can do on your own. Some of the pressure points are hard to press with your fingers, you can use acupressure probe.

Tinggong (SI19)

Tinggong can be used to relieve excessive ear pain, irregular ear discharge and tinnitus. It is located in the hollow directly in front of the ear. Press it lightly with your forefinger and applying pressure using small circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes with your mouth open.

Ermen (SJ21)

Ermen can be used to reduce discharge of pus from the ear, earache and tinnitus ringing and buzzing. It is located directly above the Tinggong point. Press it lightly with your forefinger and applying pressure using small circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes with your mouth open.

Tinghui (GB2)

Tinghui can be used to relieve excessive itching in the ear and tinnitus. It is located directly below the Tinggong point. Press it lightly with your forefinger and applying pressure using small circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes with your mouth open.

Celebrities Love Acupuncture and how acupuncture works

Everywhere you turn; there are stories about celebrities getting acupuncture.  

New Duchess of sussex Meghan is a fan of alternative medicine, and revealed that she also has acupuncture in a bid to ease the debilitating migraines she used to suffer with. "I have been a longtime believer in acupuncture and cupping," she told The Chalkboard. "I used to have debilitating migraines (hospitalised for them), and acupuncture and Eastern medicine absolute changed my life. Migraine-free living is a game changer."  

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, recently said in an interview with UK tabloid, News of the World, "I have acupuncture regularly and I see a Chinese doctor who treats most common ailments with herbs." 

When asked how she maintained her health and well being, Elle answered, "I do choose to look after my body from a Chinese medicine perspective, which promotes and maintains wellness rather than treats illness."

Elle is not the only celebrity that seems to have become "star-struck" with this traditional form of health care that is touted as being able to treat everything from anxiety to a torn rotator cuff.  Gwyneth Paltrow, a longtime advocate of the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, once said that having acupuncture had guided her to a "new level" in life, helping her to find love with her husband and giving her the strength to cope with the death of her father. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow said, "I have been a big fan of Chinese medicine for a long time because it works."

So what other celebrities are up for being a voluntary pin-cushion?  Dr. Maoshing Ni, an acupuncturist in Santa Monica lists Jim Carrey and Helen Hunt as two of his many famous clients.  In a testimonial, Jim Carrey said "Undergoing acupuncture treatments with Dr. Mao at his acupuncture clinic and following his nutritional advice has led to a marked change in my physical vitality and my general state of well-being."

Celebrities have embraced acupuncture so whole-heartedly that they even schedule regular acupuncture treatments for their pets.  Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, has been spotted in Los Angeles taking her pampered pooch, Tyson, in for his acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is becoming more and more respected by conventional medicine, so much so that there were acupuncturists on-site for the athletes at both the Summer and Winter Olympics.
VIERZON, France—The mere mention of one of Vincenzo Nibali’s secrets 
on his way to victory at the Tour de France on Sunday is enough to make 
any cycling fan nervous: Needles on the bus. Almost every day.

But these aren’t the kind of needles that have dented cycling’s credibility
 for decades. When Team Astana uses them to treat Nibali, nothing is injected, 
nothing is extracted.
We’re talking about acupuncture.
“It’s those little extra details that can help us,” Nibali said when he was asked 
about the treatment by a Belgian television station.
 “Maybe now others will also use this technique.”

Celine Dion's pregnancy with twins was the result of her six in-vitro fertilization attempt. After five times in-vitro fertilization failed,she turned to acupuncture therapy to improve her chances to getting pregnant.

How acupuncture works

 Is there any evidence to back up this rapid growth in the popularity of acupuncture?  Besides the 2000 years of clinical evidence, there are a multitude of studies to substantiate that acupuncture has a measurable affect on the body.  One study on how acupuncture works to relieve pain, published in the Journal of NeuroImage, used brain imaging technology to prove that acupuncture affects the brain's long-term ability to regulate pain.  In the study, researchers were able to show that acupuncture increased the binding availability to opioid receptors in the brain in much the same way that opioid painkillers, such as morphine, codeine and other medications, are thought to work 

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have declared acupuncture effective for more than 200 other conditions including, respiratory, eye and mouth, gastro-intestinal, neurological and muscular disorders. Because of acupuncture's ability to speed the healing process, bring down swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, and help to restore normal range of motion, it is especially effective at treating musculo-skeletal disorders.  

"The purpose of acupuncture is to trigger your body's innate ability to self heal. " Say our licensed acupuncturists at Oriental Acupuncture Clinic Scarborough in Toronto.

"When someone comes in for treatment, we take all of their symptoms into account and aim at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health.  Treatments are tailored for the individual.  That is why it is important to talk with an acupuncturist to see how acupuncture will be able to help your specific and unique case."
Both female and male acupuncturists are available at Oriental Acupuncture Clinic.

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Healing from the root, beyond treating symptoms.
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【Case Report】A Woman with 17-Year History of Facial Paralysis Bell's Palsy Cured by Acupuncture

Case reported by Jarry Liu
A Woman with 17-Year History of Facial Paralysis has been cured by Acupuncture treatments.

 I got a new patient  told me that he is referred by a lady, who had Facial Paralysis or Bell's Palsy for 17 years totally recovered after 12 sessions acupuncture treatments. She has been so happy and grateful for that and refer her friends to come to see me. 

This lady is about 55 years old, in the last 17 years, she never stop trying different kind of treatments for her facial paralysis, including medication, physiotherapy, herbal also acupuncture, but nothing  working for her. 

Her right side eye and lips were dropped downward at the first time, it was worse when speaking or smiling. After 2 courses acupuncture treatments, her eye and lips back to normal.
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