Jarry's acupuncture for Infertility case report

A 40 year-old lady came for Jarry's acupuncture treatment for infertility last December,  after one course (10 sessions) treatments nothing happened. So she got couple weeks break as Jarry told her, she came back for another course treatments this Feb. After 8 sessions treatments, she told us on phone "Do you know why I didn't come to see Jarry this couple weeks, because I got pregnant!" What a great news from her. We are all very happy for her and she is still coming to see Jarry regularly for preventing morning sickness and miscarriage.
In this case, it's not an easy one because of the age(She is at her 40's), for less than 2 courses acupuncture treatments and she got pregnant, it is not only because Jarry has 28 years clinical experience in treating infertility, but also because the lady didn't give up and she believed that ancient Chinese acupuncture can help her. so her commitment to the acupuncture treatments  is one of the key to success.

Acupuncture can be used in combination with conventional reproductive medical care or as a primary treatment approach, for women who taking fertility drugs or reproductive technology techniques (such as IVF or IUI). More details at http://www.orientalacupuncture.ca/2017/08/infertility-acupuncture-is-great-option.html

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