Preventive treatments by TCM

Along with the development of modern medicine,the heart of clinical task and investigation of theory is shifting from "to rule already ill" to "to prevent the prognosis of a disease".Invigorating the kidney is important to "prevention".

The preventive treatment theory origin in <Huangdi Neijing>, an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years. The connotation of "Preventive Treatment" in Traditional Chinese Medicine: first is treating disease before its onset,second is preventing disease from exacerbating(getting worse). 
For example ,for diabete type II, either Chinese medicine or acupuncture can control it very well along with the proper diet and life style so it won't get worse to type I or even worse to at lease one complication occur, and once the complication occurs, drug treatment is difficult to reverse, therefore emphasizing the early prevention of diabetic complications .

Over thousand years, "pre-medical intervention before diseases" has been one of the preponderant practices in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to tackle early symptoms of health problems and diseases. A scientific explanation to the "preventive treatments" in TCM on the sub-health condition is therefore put forward following the stress-induced patho-physiological situations. In light of the mordern Western medicine, scientific interpretations for various preventive treatments in TCM, such as cupping, scraping and acupuncture were open-mindedly featured with a de-carbonylation biology which is biochemically fundamental in diabetes, atherosclerosis and free radical biomedicine. 

Increased oxidative stress induces inflammation to several tissues/organs leading to cell death and long-term injury. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, and autophagic regulatory functions has been widely used as preventive or therapeutic strategy in modern medicine. 

One famous legend tells of how once when Bian Que was in the State of Cai, he saw the lord of the state at the time and told him that he had a disease, which Bian Que claimed was only in his skin. The lord brushed this aside as at that time he felt no symptoms, and told his attendants that Bian Que was just trying to profit from the fears of others. Bian Que is said to have visited the lord many times thereafter, telling him each time how this sickness was becoming progressively worse, each time spreading into more of his body, from his skin to his blood and to his organs. The last time Bian Que went to see the lord, he looked in from afar, and rushed out of the palace. When an attendant of the lord asked him why he had done this, he replied that the disease was in the marrow and was incurable. The lord was said to have died soon after.

This story told us why we need preventive treatments. Treating the disease at early stage before getting worse. That's what exactly the TCM preventive treatments( such as acupuncture,cupping, herbs decoction ) do and much more than that. Looking for a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist also Registered acupuncturist in Ontario with 29 years clinical experience who you can trust on, feel free to call us at 416-800-3978.
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