【Oriental Acupuncture】TDP Infrared Heating Therapy for Pain and Inflammation relief

The TDP lamp is a  far-infrared heating device. The premise of the lamp is that the far infrared (below visible light) emissions increases microcirculation and loosens fascia to accelerate the natural healing processes of the body. The TDP lamp is used as a therapeutic substitute for moxibustion, a traditional Chinese therapy. It is used by acupuncturists, Asian bodywork therapists, and other medical professionals.  It is a medical device which comes under Food and Drug Administration(FDA) Class II for temporary relief from pain and arthritis.

BENEFITS OF MINERAL TDP Infrared Heating Therapy:

1. Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation and Soft Tissue Injuries
TDP lamp increases blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief by emitting 33 essential minerals into your body. The absorbed energy promotes micro circulation and metabolism, helps improve the immune system. Good for people with sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache, tennis elbow and joint pains.

2. Relaxes Muscle and Improves Range Of Motion
TDP lamp causes the muscles to relax, which will improve range of motion and help insomnia. Lots of treatments have shown that the mineral heating lamp provides several key health benefits for massage therapy.

3. Comfortable and Relaxed Feeling – Great for harsh winter & elderly
This mineral heating lamp generates a kind of thermo-magnetic heat. The heat of the TDP Mineral Lamp penetrates into the region of the body which creates a very comfortable and relaxed feeling.

How Can 33 Essential Minerals of TDP Mineral Lamp Help Your Body?

When the Mineral Lamp is heated to a certain temperature, it emits the FIR (far infrared) energy, resulting in many therapeutic benefits.
The emitted FIR energy penetrates up to 3½ inches, and stimulates micro circulation, delivering higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, while eliminating toxins and cellular waste.
The TDP Mineral Lamp features a plate coated with a formulation of 33 minerals for your body. The heated mineral plate emits deep-penetrating, far-infrared waves. This natural energy is identical to that generated by our own bodies, and is naturally absorbed into our tissues.

TDP Infrared Heating Therapy has been proven to relax muscles, reduce stiffness, inflammation and more! At Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, our therapists usually combine the Acupuncture、Massage、Cupping therapy with TDP infrared heating therapy when it's needed, and for the best treatment results. Call Oriental Acupuncture Clinic at 416-800-3978 or Text 416-655-1311 for your free consultation for any kind of pain conditions. 

Jarry Liu: Chinese Acupuncturist since 1989

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