Do not Let the painkillers kill you slowly

Last night when I worked at Walmart pharmacy, a middle-aged African woman, about 50 years old, came to buy AC & C with 325mg aspirin, 15mg caffeine, 8mg codiene per pill for her migraine pain. This medication don't need  a doctor's prescription, but you can only get it behind the counter with the pharmacist's consent. A bottle of AC&C has 200 pills and she asked for 2 bottles. So the pharmacist told her that's the last bottle. Pharmacists told me that this kind of medication is not allowed to buy so many at one time. so I told this lady that it was the last bottle,  she started complaining "I bought 3 bottles at shoppers last time, why your pharmacist don't want to sell it to me," I told her that taking a painkiller has a lot of side effect , why you need so many of the painkillers? " she said," I have very bad migraine since 1998, also arthritis,I have tried so many different painkillers and also saw different doctors and specialists, no way to let this stupid pain go away, only this AC & C can help to kill the pain ,why don't  you let me buy extra bottle, so save me another trip. " 

I asked her, "Have you ever tried acupuncture?" she said "No,I have never tried it, will acupuncture help?" I told her that you can try, at least no any side effect, and not like the painkillers only kill the pain temporary, acupuncture actually can cure your illnesses, healing from the root beyond treating you can experience better health and well-being. I also mentioned to her that  a case of Jarry Liu(Chinese Acupuncturist since 1989) last month, a middle-aged Vietnamese lady with chronic tough back pain, leg pain for nine years,  after six sections acupuncture treatments by Jarry Liu, the pain totally gone. so she let her husband to come to see Jarry for his low back pain. After she heard about this, she felt much better and asked me for Jarry's business cards, I gave her one, which pleased her so much.She kept saying to me "Thank You! God Bless you, I'll call and make an appointment with Jarry" she left with her big smile ... "You are welcome, my dear, Do not Let the painkillers kill you slowly "

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