【CASE REPORT】9 year's low-back & leg pain gone after 6 section acupuncture treatments

A 43 years old Vietnamese lady got low-back and leg sharp pain since 9 years ago during her last pregnancy, came to see Jarry and got his acupuncture treatment. After 6 section treatment(30 minutes /section), her low-back and leg pain were gone! She was so happy for that and she continues for the insomnia and neck pain treatments also let her husband come to see Jarry for low back pain(more than 10 years back pain). His back pain condition also got significant improved after 12 sessions acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture treatments have been proved that it's very potent for the TOUGH PAINS like neck,shoulder, back pain,Sciatica,arthritis ,Tennis/Golf Elbow, Headache,Migraine....But every patient's condition is different, so the treatment period and recovering time may totally different. Some take few sessions treatment, the pain is gone and some may take 2 or 3 courses(10 sessions each course) to get rid of the tough pain. So having regular acupuncture treatment like 2 to 3 times a week, continue the treatment for one or two months is very important when you come for the acupuncture treatment for Chronic tough pain. For acute pain, usually take 1 to 3 sessions acupuncture treatments.

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