Acupuncture and neck pain

Neck pain and shoulder stiffness are very common problems—so common, in fact, that the expression “a pain in the neck”, is an often-used figure of speech.

Neck pain and shoulder stiffness can have a variety of causes, with continuous mechanical strain, constant stress, and trauma being the most frequently cited. Keeping your head in an awkward position can cause your neck muscles to fatigue, circulation in the tissues to diminish, and the joints to “lock” in place. This is a very common occurrence in office workers who sit in front of a computer and type for extensive periods of time. Trauma can cause a “whiplash” syndrome, with the muscles in your neck going into permanent spasm and causing pain and a limited range of motion. Acupuncture are very effective in treating neck pain caused by whiplash.

Constant stress is also a common factor in neck/shoulder stiffness and pain. Being under constant stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to become hypersensitive, like always being in the “flight or fight” mode. As many of us tend to “hold” much of our stress in the upper body, neck and shoulders, this can cause constant muscle spasm, a corresponding lack of circulation and nutrition to the tissues, leading to neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

A Chinese medical approach to neck and shoulder stiffness and pain addresses both the mechanical and emotional aspects. With acupuncture, generally three to five treatments over a short period of time (2 – 4 weeks) are sufficient to effect substantial results. Results are quicker and better for cases involving trauma and/or whiplash the sooner the treatments can begin after the event.

Our staff in clinic can help to submit the treatment plan and direct billing process with the Auto insurance companies or WSIB or some of the personal work insurance companies,  so that you can focus on your treatments and the process of getting better.

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