TCM herbal remedy could ‘inhibit’ Coronavirus - COVID-19

More than half of the confirmed coronavirus cases are treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was found effective against the new coronavirus infections (all cases were complicated with pneumonia, one person was in a critical condition). All 18 patients recovered and released from the hospital. Read the whole story on China Daily.

Based on clinical trials that run in four provinces,  a traditional Chinese medicine prescription was found effective. There were 214 confirmed cases of this new coronavirus,  COVID-19. The  TCM prescription improved conditions in over 60% of the cases, and stabilize conditions for 30 percent of the patients, said the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said. More details on China Daily

There are currently 80 clinical trials looking into different treatment options- including TCM, stem cells, antiviral drugs (including anti-HIV drugs). Talking about TCM-scientists will use various herbals, including lianqiao (Forsythiae Fructus), a fruit that been used for treating infections for more than 2,000 years. More details on Nature.  

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