Acupuncture For Fertility , What you need to prepare?

If you are interested in the Chinese medical treatment for infertility, you need prepare several things:
1, Give it at least 3 to 6 month try, you may get pregnant after one month treatment, but most of the time, people need several month treatment to adjust the patient’s condition.
2, For infertility, we need combine both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine together. A lot of people think only acupuncture is good enough for the treatment of infertility, but we think Chinese herbal medicine play a big role in the treatment along with acupuncture. For some cases, acupuncture maybe good enough, but for most of infertility patients, herbal medicine is needed. At Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, we have licensed and experienced  acupuncturist and herbalist for both men and women's fertility treatments.
3, If you are preparing for the IVF or other assistant reproductive treatments, twice acupuncture a week is recommended during the whole process of your western medical treatment. No Chinese herbal medicine is OK if you don’t want to take the herbs, but for some patients, we do hope you can take some diet to improve the treatment. According to the research, acupuncture can improve the successful rate. In our office, we helped a lot of patient during their treatment of IVF. The results are very positive.
 Infertility? Acupuncture is a great option along with IVF or IUI

10 Ways that Acupuncture can help Fertility

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