【Case Report】Jarry's another successful case acupuncture for Depression Insomnia

A  46 year-old Phillipino lady with Insomnia and depression for about half year, her friend found us online and took her to our clinic for reflexology therapy for her Insomnia. After the inquiry and inspection diagnosis (The four TCM diagnostic methods refer to inspection , auscultation and olfaction , inquiry and palpation). I suggested her to take Jarry's acupuncture treatments. She was sort of afraid of the needle and didn't think acupuncture will help her Insomnia condition, she didn't want to try acupuncture at all. But her friend who's a very nice gentlemen trying to help her as much as he could, he finally convinced her to see Jarry for the acupuncture treatment. So every week both of them came to see Jarry twice for the acupuncture treatments, after 3 weeks(6 sessions) her sleeping improved a lot, and after 4 weeks total 8 sessions(45minutes/session), her friend told us that she is completely different from the person we saw at the first time. 

Depression Insomnia seem very complicated condition and so many people suffer from it. How the Traditional Chinese Medication like acupuncture or herbs can offer tremendously helpful support in healing the root causes of this epidemic? Check our other blog: Acupuncture and Natural Therapy for Depression or Anxiety

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