【Case Report Continue】Hemiplegia after Neurosurgery for Brain Tumor removal - Amazing Improvement

This is the continue report of last【Case Report 】Hemiplegia after Neurosurgery for Brain Tumor removal.
Oct. 18, Sunday afternoon, my husband took me to the Toronto Grace Hospital Rehab Centre to see  Tommy, today is his 37 years old birthday. He found us from internet, so we have never seen  each other until yesterday. All I know about him is from his email and from our acupuncturist Jarry. As they told me that he was deaf and mute, and right side was 100% paralysis, but yesterday what amazed me is that he called my name clearly and he moved his right arm strongly. After last treatment course (7 times treatment section) he could only move his right hand thumb as Jarry told me, which was a significant improvement already for his condition. But during his treatment break period, just as Jarry said more improvements will appear during the break period. And it did happen, I was so impressed by that. Even Jarry was very surprised by Tommy's significant improvements. He did respond very well from the acupuncture treatment. We are all so happy for him. Now Tommy is accepting his second course treatment from our other acupuncturist Jenny(Sujia) Wang. With her strong experience in physical centre, I am sure that Tommy will benefits from her both acupuncture and physio therapy.  Best wishes to Tommy and Happy birthday to him. We are all looking forward to more improvements on him. And as a team, we are all here to try our best!

脑瘤手术后引起聋哑半身不遂的越南华人Tommy 的案例追踪: 根据刘医师的要求,在给Tommy治完了一个疗程之后要让其身体修复一段时间,正如刘医师预计的,在这段时间里前一疗程的治疗效果会陆续呈现出来。让我吃惊的是昨天我就亲眼见证了他这一预计的效果。昨天是10月18号星期天,因为今天是Tommy的生日,所以我和我先生借机去看看他,Tommy是在网上了解到我们诊所的,然后都是通过电子邮件跟我们联系,在这之前我们从来都没有见过面,当他意识到是我时,尽然很大声的喊出了我的名字, 我当时又惊有喜,他也很激动,很努力地想说更多, 并且还使劲挥动他的右手臂,还有移动他的拇指给我看, 还通过打字告诉我当刘医师治疗到第六次时他拇指就能动了,而且马上问及刘医师什么时候能再去给他治疗,由于刘医师的车故障,所以没法出诊。我给他安排了我们诊所另一针灸师Jenny(Sujia),凭着她在物理治疗中心多年的针灸和物理治疗经验,Tommy也会从她的治疗中受益匪浅的。我们都期待着Tommy早日摆脱这半身不遂的状况,从新站起来!为他祈祷,也祝他生日快乐!

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