2 Actions Simply Relieve Stiff Neck or Neck Muscle Sprain

Stiff neck which is also called acute cervical periarthritis (Acute Fibrositis) or neck muscle sprain. The symptoms include difficulty in turning the head. The neck will become sore when turning even slightly. In severe cases, the pain may even be so severe that it can cause paralysis. Turn your head. When you wake up in the morning and notice a stiff neck, do the posture immediately as shown below.

  • One Posture Simply Relieve Stiff Neck or Neck Muscle Sprain 
Lie flat on the edge of the bed, with your body on the bed, shoulders aligned with the edge of the bed, your head naturally lowered, and then slightly shake your head for about 30 seconds. 

Usually when people have a stiff neck, the cervical spine may be pulled a little crooked by the nearby muscle tissue. If you can pull the cervical spine at this time, it may be pulled back to its normal state. But it is a bit dangerous to pull the cervical spine directly because the strength is difficult to control. When doing the posture in the picture above, the head is affected by the gravity of the earth and is pulled downwards. This force is not too strong and can pull the cervical vertebrae apart. so the stiff neck will be relieved. 

  • One Acupressure or Massage Point for Stiff Neck Relief 
In addition, the hand acupressure or massage method is also very effective, which is to press and push the three lines of cervical spine - thoracic spine - lumbar spine on the hand. We can also use a muscle-pulling stick to push and push, and also push the seam of the thoracic spine.

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