Cupping therapy can help you beat Asthma

Except acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, one of the most remarkable treatments to improve asthma symptoms is the cupping, though many mainstream and even alternative doctors have been slow to embrace it.But Hippocrates used cupping and wrote about it CENTURIES ago. And a thousand years ago, the Persian physician Avicenna described a technique for using cupping to disperse inflammation in the body (which explains its efficacy as a curative measure for asthma, considering its connection to inflammation).

A 68 year-old lady found us online and she came for cupping for her Asthma. she told us that she used go to her other Chinese therapist regularly for cupping and helped her get rid of the puffer. She didn't go to see her for a while because she is not in Toronto anymore. Recently she got flu and she got Asthma attack.  She knew she need cupping again. So she start her online searching and she found us.She told us that she stop using puffer after the first session cupping.

Cupping is acceptable by most of patients, no needles, no medicine, along with proper diet. It works very well for most of the Asthma patients. Every patient's condition is different, please consult our therapists see if cupping therapy suitable for your condition.

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