TCM Diagnosis – Lips observation

The most popular part of observation in Traditional Chinese Medicine is tongue observation! But from our lips, it can also tell us a lot about our digestive system health.

According to TCM theory, Spleen, Stomach and the digestive system in Chinese Medicine manifests on the lips.

1) Pale/Purple lips or lavender colour indicates a blood stasis (Purple) & a deficiency (Pale = Qi, Yang or Blood depending on other symptoms/clues).

Diet: easy to digest foods such as Yams, salmon, eggs, cooked greens, and spicy foods such as cinnamon, turmeric or garlic.

2) Red and cracked lips: Red shows HEAT, (from excess or Yin deficiency), and cracked shows lack of Body fluids.

Diet: cooling foods & hydrating (high water content foods such as cucumber) & lubricating foods (such as avocado, seeds…).

3) Bluish tint/purple lips: Excess cold (blue) & Blood stasis (Purple).

Diet: warm foods such as soups & stews, and spicy foods such as garlic, turmeric & cinnamon which increase blood circulation.

4) Pale & very cracked: Pale shows Qi, Yang or Blood depending on other symptoms/clues, and cracked lips indicate a body fluids deficiency.

Diet: easy to digest foods such as Yams, salmon, eggs, squash, and hydrating (broth) & lubricating foods (such as flax oil, walnut oil, and chia seeds).

Except the diet, acupuncture treatments or herbal medicine will treat the digestive problems from the root.We also have natural instant relief solution for dry chapped purple or pale cracked lips.Call oriental acupuncture clinic at 416-800-3978 to set up your first appointment or book it online.


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