How Long the Sleep Time is the Safest to our Health

'Over time, you incur a sleep debt which you can never fully repay,' says doctor

 In 2010, Statistics Canada found 46 per cent of Canadians cut into the time they spend sleeping in order to complete other activities. About 40 per cent of Canadians will experience a sleep disorder during their lifetime, which can lead to serious health risks over time. Less sleep or sleep disorder can have drastic long-term effects on the mind and body, from heart problems to stroke, to an increase risk of car accidents, work performance errors,  more fatigue during the day, anxiety,even obesity......Lack Of Sleep Doubles Risk Of Death.
But does that mean the longer sleep better?
A new study suggests that individuals who sleep eight hours or more a night actually have an increased death rate compared with those who average just six or seven hours. The findings appear in the Archives of General Psychiatry. 

It is not hard to believe that lack of sleep cause lots of health problems, but how come longer sleep(over 9 hours) is not good to our health either? Studies didn't tell us why, but 2000 years ago, the ancient Chinese medicine pioneer has told us that " Stay too long on the bed(Sleep too long time) hurt 'Qi'(energy)" in his book"Huangdi Nei Jing" or "The Inner Canon of Huangdi"

So balance is the key. For all different kind of sleep disorder such as Insomnia or wake up problem, acupuncture or cupping massage therapy definitely is a great option to improve the sleep quality and improve your general health
With Jarry(Chinese acupuncturist since 1989) 28 years clinical experience, you will feel the difference.

久卧伤气:适当的睡眠对人是非常有益的,睡眠少则会伤身,气血得不到补养。但睡眠太多对健康是不利的,不管是健康人,还是病人,过度的睡懒觉缺乏运动,会削弱人的阳气,会使人精神萎靡,肺气虚弱,体弱无力。也会造成人体气机不畅,气滞则血瘀,经络越来越不通畅久而久之便会患上疾病如:动脉粥样硬化、脑血栓、心梗、高血压等。俗话说得好:“活人睡个病人,病人睡个死人”。生命在于运动,做适当的运动能生发人的阳气,能推动气血的运行,滑利关节。气行则血行,气滞则血瘀所以做适当的运动对人是非常有益的。气虚的人容易疲劳无力,少气懒言,经常喜欢卧床。气虚者常吃一些补气之品如:人参党参黄芪西洋参山药、大枣,还可以服用四君子汤补中益气丸四君子汤,配方:人参12克 白术12克 茯苓12克 甘草6克。水煎服一日两次,血压高者加钩藤10克 天麻10克,功效:补气健脾。

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