【Case Report】Neck stiff and blocked ear problem got improvement after a free trial treatment

Yesterday(June 22) a middle-aged gentleman Edmund who is referred by the dentist at Bellesmere Dental Clinic(right next door to Oriental Acupuncture Clinic), came in for inquiring about acupuncture treatment for his neck stiff problem and  also his blocked ear problem and sometimes headache also low back pain. Because he had never tried acupuncture before, so Jarry gave him a free trial treatment. After half an hour treatment, he said that he felt his neck loosen up and his ear is cleared up too. So he scheduled an appointment with Jarry for next Monday which is 4 days away. But surprisedly he came again today and asked if he can see Jarry again today for acupuncture, because he felt the improvement from yesterday trial treatment. so he'd really like to take the treatment more often, not just waiting until next Monday.

Jarry do have a lot of patients like him that want to take the treatment more often so they can get better sooner. But Jarry always told them honestly that 2 to 3 times acupuncture treatment a week is good for most of patients, after every treatment, patients need couple days to recover their energy(or Qi). For older patients, maybe only one time treatment a week is better.

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