【Case Report】Depression patient felt totally changed after 6 section treatment

 A 42-year-old lady who works in the hospital found Jarry on internet and booked her first appointment online with Jarry Liu. She came for Jarry's acupuncture and massage treatment for her Arthritis joint pain also her depression because of the stress from her job,  after only 6 sections  treatment, she told us that Jarry's  treatment did miracle on her. She felt like she was totally changed to another person with a happy mood now rather than always depressed mood before.  On most depression cases, acupuncture did work very well. But everybody's health conditions are  different, so this doesn't mean acupuncture works so fast for everybody who suffer from depression. Some people respond faster and better for acupuncture treatment but some people might take more treatments or longer time to see the improvement.

Why acupuncture is great choice for anxiety?

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