Brief of Yang(R.Ac/R.TCMP)

Government registered acupuncturist 
and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner 
More than 25 years hospital & clinical experience.

Specializes in Gynecological  diseases
Menstrual disorder, Infertility,PMS, Menopause, 
symptomatic uterine myoma / Fibroids,
Pain Management, Cancer control,
Weight control, Diabetes, HBP,
Skin disease, Asthma & Pediatric healthcare... 

 Treat it from the root with acupuncture and 
 TCM herbal medicine formula

Yang is available to book online 

every Tuesday at Scarborough Clinic. 

Services & Price:

  • Acupuncture  

     Initial Visit: $90 ( Include Assessment & Treatment)
     Acupuncture Treatment: $70/session

     also combined with cupping therapy when it is needed

  • TCM health assessment fee:  $30
  • TCM  herbal medicine prescription fee: $30
  • TCM herbal medicines dispensing fee: $10
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine formula: $10-15/day

  • Concussion therapy
  • Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation