Brief of Yang(R.Ac/R.TCMP)

Specializes in Gynecological  diseases
Menstrual disorder, Infertility,PMS, Menopause, 
symptomatic uterine myoma / Fibroids,
Pain Management, Cancer control,
Weight control, Diabetes, HBP,
Skin disease, Asthma & Pediatric healthcare... 

 Treat it from the root with acupuncture and 
 TCM herbal medicine formula

Yang is available to book online 

every Tuesday at Scarborough Clinic. 

Government registered acupuncturist 
and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner 

More than 25 years hospital & clinical experience.

Services & Price:

  • Acupuncture  

     Initial Visit: $100 ( Include Assessment & Treatment)
     Acupuncture Treatment: $80/session
    also combined with cupping therapy when it is needed
  • TCM health assessment fee:  $30
  • TCM  herbal medicine prescription fee: $30
  • TCM herbal medicines dispensing fee: $10
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine formula: $8-15/day

  • Concussion therapy
  • Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation