The brief of Joyce Lee

Well-known orthoptist in china, having being specializing in pediatric orthoptist for 20 years in a province-level hospital in China. Registered Ontario Acupucturist R.Ac. member of CTCMPAO. Practices pressure points massage, reflexology, acupuncture and related medical techniques to cure myopia and amblyopia, near-sightedness from excessive studying and computer usage, eye fatique (dry eyes, pains around eye, cross eyes, frequent squinting) and presbyopia so on. 

国内当地知名的儿童眼科专家,医院行医20年。安省官方注册的中医针灸师。R.Ac .  member of CTCMPAO(安省保险公司承认的协会)。应用传统的穴位按摩反射治疗,针灸及相关的医疗技术和设备专门治疗儿童近视,弱视,学习及玩电脑引起的视力低下,视力疲劳(眼干,眼痛,看电视喜欢离近,斜眼,爱揉眼等)花眼。保证有效,无效退款。 大部分轻度近视儿童可以摘掉眼镜。

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